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Lev Libeskind
Born 31 October 1977 (1977-10-31) (age 46)
Nationality American
Alma mater University of California, University of Cambridge, University of St. Gallen
Occupation Architectural designer

Lev Jacob Libeskind (born October 31, 1977) is an American architectural designer, best known for his work alongside his father, renowned architect Daniel Libeskind.[1] Lev has since established his own practice, Libeskind Studio Design, where he focuses on transformative, large-scale urban projects that contribute to building communities.[2][3]

Early Life and education

Lev Libeskind was born on October 31, 1977, to parents Daniel Libeskind and Nina Libeskind. He has two siblings, Rachael Libeskind and Noam Libeskind. His early years were spent in various countries, including Canada, Finland, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Israel, and the United States.

Lev pursued his higher education at several institutions. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1999, where he received the Caldwell Fellowship for Classics. He then completed a Master of Philosophy with First Class Honors and Distinction from the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Architecture and History of Art in 2000. Lev later earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland in 2009.


Lev Libeskind began his architectural career at Studio Daniel Libeskind Architects LLP in New York, where he worked as a public relations and set design specialist from January 2003 to February 2005.[1] During this time, he assisted in managing public relations for the World Trade Center master plan at Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan after 9/11 and also contributed to his father’s memoir, Breaking Ground.[1]

In 2012, Lev took a significant step in his architectural career by founding Libeskind Design Srl & Libeskind Architettura Srl in Milan, Italy.[4] These companies operated under the Studio Libeskind brand, and it was during this period that Lev collaborated with his father, Daniel Libeskind, on over 60 architectural and design projects.[4] Their collaboration was instrumental in Lev's development as a designer, allowing him to refine his skills and artistic vision while working on significant projects across the world. Lev served as the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Creative Director of both companies until April 2017.[4]

After 2017, Lev decided to explore his own artistic vision more formally by founding Libeskind Studio Design, along with Zac Cohen, a prominent commercial property developer.[5] Lev and Zac met in an isolated yurt without electricity or running water, overlooking Mt. Matterhorn.[6] Their new studio focuses on creating transformative architectural projects that contribute to building communities and emphasize a soulful and emotional experience. With offices in Milan and Rome, Libeskind Studio Design plans to expand by opening an office in Los Angeles in 2024.[6]

Throughout his career, Lev has been particularly passionate about Holocaust education and remembrance, carrying on the legacy of his father's commitment to this crucial aspect of modern history. In addition to his architectural pursuits, he has been involved in the development of several Holocaust memorials and museums, ensuring that the stories of those who suffered and perished during this tragic period are not forgotten. Between 2009 and 2011, Lev served as a Communication & Program Officer for the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, Permanent Office in Berlin, Germany.[7]

Awards and Recognition

Lev Libeskind has been recognized for his achievements throughout his academic and professional life, receiving awards such as the Caldwell Fellowship in Classics at UCLA in 1995, the Commonwealth Trust Fellowship at Cambridge University in 1999, and first place in a school-wide contest on in business development at the University of St. Gallen in 2008.

Under Lev’s leadership, Libeskind Design Srl won three architectural competitions in 2013-15: the Thiers East train station development in Nice, France; a residential complex in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, Paris; and the design of the Richard Hennessy cognac bottle for LVMH.[7]

Architectural Style and Philosophy

Architectural Approach

Lev Libeskind's architectural style is a harmonious blend of his father's signature deconstructivist approach and his own unique vision. As he embarked on his architectural journey, Lev embraced the angular, fragmented forms and expressive nature that his father, Daniel Libeskind, is known famous for. However, Lev has evolved this style in new directions, for example, he’s currently working on a series of buildings that translate a video gaming aesthetic into contemporary architecture.[8]

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of sources, including music, literature, and the natural world, Lev's designs are characterized by their fluidity and dynamic movement. His spaces are not designed as impersonal structures; but are interplays of light, shadow, and form, inviting the visitor to engage in a multisensory experience.[8]

Lev’s projects are characterized by bold color palettes, innovative materials, and unexpected spatial relationships. His designs often feature an interplay between transparency and opacity, solids and voids.[9]

By integrating elements of surprise and wonder into his work, Lev encourages users to explore, interact, and form lasting emotional connections with the spaces they inhabit. One example of Lev's playful architectural style is the Rainbow Road building in Phoenix, Arizona inspired by the iconic video game, Mario Kart. [10][11]

Personal Life

Lev Libeskind currently resides in Tuscany with his wife, Chava Libeskind, and their three children: Zohar, Boaz, and Tali. Lev is the son of renowned architect Daniel Libeskind and Nina Libeskind and has two siblings: Rachael Libeskind and Noam Libeskind. He’s also the grandson of Canadian politician David Lewis and nephew of the politician and former United Nations Ambassador of Canada, Stephen Lewis.


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