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Lee Wilson
Born Tennessee, United States
Nationality American
Occupation Relationship coach, Internet marketer, author
Known for Relationship coaching

Lee Wilson (also known as Coach Lee) is an American relationship coach. He is best known as the founder of MyExBackCoach.com. In addition to being a relationship coach, Wilson is also a best-selling author.

Lee Wilson has worked closely with relationship educators and authors including Joe Beam, who founded Marriage Helper.[1]

Early life

Wilson grew up in the southern United States and moved to Nashville, Tennessee after college. He studied counseling and theology, and worked at a marriage guidance company after his university studies.[2]


Starting in the early 2000s, Wilson began working with a nonprofit marriage-enrichment organization as a writer. He attended and gained certifications from the organization on marriage coaching and after a terminal illness of one of their consultants, was promoted to the position of marriage consultant.[2]

In 2017, Wilson founded the website MyExBackCoach.com. The website was highly successful, and was featured in many magazines, newpapers, and television shows around the world.[3]

As of 2018, about 4,000 people annually consult Wilson on how to reunite with partners that they had recently broken up with.[4][2][2][5]

Wilson also coaches some of his clients on the concept of limerence, a term coined by American psychologist Dorothy Tennov.[6]


Among the wide variety of strategies that Wilson uses, one of his core principles is to not appear overly desperate to win back the other person.[7][8] Using these strategies, his estimated success rate for his clients is 55-75 percent, a relatively impressive success rate given the various difficult cases that relationship counselors usually have to deal with.[2][9]


Wilson's clients have included various notable clients, ranging from celebrities to athletes and even psychotherapists.[10] Other well-known clients have included musicians, politicians, authors, publishing companies, film companies, and others.[11]

He has an international clientale that is not only limited to the United States, but also includes the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and many other countries.[2]


Wilson has appeared on many notable media outlets, incuding Elite Daily, Cosmopolitan Magazine, AskMen, The Today Show, Business Insider, Reuters, USA Weekly,[12] The Sun, Bravo TV and various others.[10]


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