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LawPedia is a Indian legal blog which is providing legal notes and legal article for students. Dinesh Gardia & AkashNanda Founder of LawPedia. Shalini Bishi is writer and Editor of LawPedia.according a report of famous people wiki LawPedia became top ten blog in India 2023.[1]


The motive behind create LawPedia is to providing legal notes for students and it's focus on as simple as possible student can understand.


In 2021 March 31 LawPedia created. Dinesh Gardia & AkashNanda founder of lawPedia. And in 2021 Shalini Bishi jointed as a writer and editor of lawpedia.

Notable work

LawPedia featuring many more website for its work. Website like YKA, Business Post, Medium, Live Journal etc cover lawPedia news in there website and in 2023 January 1st lawpedia launch guest post for the those people who have legal article but they have no facility to post that and the guest post is free of cost. So in India many law collage students collaboration with lawpedia and send their article. In November 12 2021 LawPedia released the title track of LawPedia in all music streaming platform.Lawpedia is official blogger of times of india.[2]


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