Kola Biggani

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Kola Biggani Verified.png

Native name Kola Biggani
Born Shahbag
Years active 2013 - present
Known for Kola Biggani
Religion Pa-Chata
Kola biggani
== Personal Life==

Born as a human being. Then on the eve of growing up, he realizes that even though he is actually a human on the outside, he is an Kola Biggani at heart. He does not see studying art science as an obstacle in the way of becoming an Kola Biggani without studying in the science department. He feels proud because he has WhatsApp University. . This is how the man who was born as a human became a feministBiggan-monosko+LGBTQ+ Kola Biggani descended from the one and only monkey.