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FansProject character
Knight box
Created by

Release number

Species Transformer
Family MADLAW (brother)

Alternate mode

Drill/gun/hovercraft/plane/robotic wolf

Knight is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Sixknight made by FansProject in 2015.



Knight was released at TFcon Canada 2015.

In September 2015 FansProject released a biography for Knight on their Facebook page.


Fictional biography

Knight is the best warrior that has ever lived. He has mastered all known forms of Martial Arts, and can change between his many forms multiple times quicker than most ‘bots can change once. In Wolf mode; he is the fastest creature on legs, in plane mode; the most maneuverable fighter ever seen, in tank mode; the most armored drill ever created, in gun mode; the most powerful gun, in hover craft mode…you get the idea, right? Well, he certainly believes it even if you don’t.

In truth; Knight is merely the master of hyperbole. His father was an evil, sadistic tyrant, a phase-sixer who could rule entire solar systems on his own. In a cruel bet over nature versus nurture, their father separated Knight and Master V at birth, purely to see the results. He reasoned that the son under his tutelage would grow up to be the most fearsome, precise, and sadistic fighting machine anywhere in the galaxy. Cast into exile, Master V grew up the hard way, eventually finding peace in his abilities as MADLAW; protector of the weak.

Knight meanwhile, grew up with everything provided for him. No situation was so grave that name-dropping his father wouldn’t smooth things over, or scare potential enemies away. As such; Knight has grown up with a very inflated sense of worth and ability.

With his father now missing - and even rumors that he might have become a force for good - Knight has vowed to find his brother to confront him, to prove once and for all who the superior fighter is. Knight hopes that by defeating the legend that is MADLAW, he can win the approval of his father and maybe even put the family back onto their true path of evil.


  • FansProject Function-X6 Knight (2015)
Shares a mold with MADLAW.


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