Kitchen Remodeling: Planning, Costs, and Ideas

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To most homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of their home. Naturally, you want this space to cater to your lifestyle. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen, having a space that fosters good workflow and meets your aesthetic needs might have you spending more and more time in your kitchen. Planning an entire kitchen remodel can be overwhelming. If you’re just getting started, then this guide is for you. From hiring a contractor to the latest flooring trends, we’ll touch on everything you need to know before tackling your kitchen remodel.

What to consider in a kitchen remodel

There is a variety to choose from, each with its advantages. In most homes, the kitchen is considered your central hub, so naturally, you want it to be as aesthetic and efficient as possible. Before you start renovating your kitchen, however, be sure to consider the factors listed below.


Let’s talk kitchen layouts. It’s all too easy to start imagining about fancy kitchen with wall-to-wall cabinetry or an island with hidden storage, but your kitchen layout and features ultimately depend on the square footage and the shape of your kitchen. A kitchen designer or an architect can help you determine the best layout for your space. To give you an idea of the possibilities, here’s a list of common kitchen layouts:

L-shaped kitchen

L-shaped kitchens are one of the most common options available. This popular layout provides ample counter space and leaves you with plenty of room to add a kitchen table or island later on. One potential disadvantage of this kitchen layout is the corner cabinets, which can be deep and hard to reach.

One-wall kitchen

A one-wall kitchen looks exactly how it sounds – all of the cabinets, counters, and appliances are placed along one wall. This layout is common in smaller spaces but works well in large ones. Additionally, the one-wall layout provides unobstructed traffic flow, which is what you want in a kitchen. While this layout is a budget-friendly option, it isn’t always considered the most efficient use of space.

U-shaped kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen layout consists of two walls that face each other and hold all your kitchen items (cabinets, stove, etc.) with additional counters connecting each side, forming the U-shape. This layout makes working in the kitchen easy and efficient, which is ideal if you enjoy cooking frequently. However, U-shaped kitchens don’t often leave much room to add a table or island.


Your lifestyle plays a huge role in what features you choose to include in your kitchen remodel. Are you someone who loves to entertain? Then items like additional seating and a wine fridge will likely be your focus. Are you a baker? Then extra storage and ample counter space will likely take priority. Some folks may need to consider accessibility features while others long for the latest smart kitchen technology. If you live in a warm climate and prefer dining outdoors, you might even consider constructing an outdoor kitchen. It comes down to how and how often you want to use your kitchen.


Now, here comes the fun part! Paint colours, countertop materials, backsplash designs, finishing touches… picking out how your kitchen will look aesthetically is a thrill. Odds are you have a strong understanding of your aesthetic already. But it doesn’t hurt to spend a few more hours scrolling through kitchen trends on Pinterest or flipping through the latest IKEA catalog for kitchen renovation inspiration. Compile a list of materials, colour palettes, and accessories that you like. This will give you some direction. If you’re still searching for inspiration, don’t forget to check out these to-die-for kitchen design ideas.


Staying within your budget during a kitchen renovation can be difficult. You might start with the best intentions, but unforeseen issues and one or two luxury items can quickly cause your renovation bill to skyrocket. Luckily, there are several budget-friendly techniques you can use to bring down the cost of your kitchen renovation. If you’re working with a small budget, you might consider refinishing your cabinets instead of replacing them, for example. Another way to save money on your kitchen renovation is to renovate two rooms at once. You can cut costs by using the same countertops in your kitchen and bathroom.

Finding a contractor

It can’t be said enough that renovating your kitchen is a big, overwhelming project. Luckily, working with a kitchen contractor can take most of that stress off of your plate. That said, finding a reliable contractor that you trust takes a bit of work. Here’s what you need to know.

How to find a kitchen contractor

The search for a kitchen contractor often begins online. Finding a contractor online means reading as many reviews as possible, asking for references and poring over portfolio work. Moreover, if you have friends or family who’ve renovated their kitchen, ask around and see if you can work with the same contractor. You can also reach out to one of our Advisors for help; they’ll match you with Verified Contractors for peace of mind. If you are looking for kitchen renovations in Burlington, Oakville, Milton, and surrounding areas reach out to Rose Building Group, a team of highly experienced and skilled technicians.

Remodelling your kitchen can be a ton of work, but at the end of the day, the payoff is undeniable.