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Khaled AGN
Born Khaled Aggoun
1 March 1997
Béjaïa, Algeria
Nationality Algerian
Education University of Béjaïa
Occupation Computer Programmer

Khaled Aggoun (born 1 March 1997), known professionally as Khaled AGN, is an Algerian Computer Programmer, YouTuber, Digital & Musical Artist, Blogger, Cyber Security Analyst and the founder of Qroozo marketplace.


Khaled AGN did his schooling in Technicum Mouloud Maemeri and at the University of Béjaïa, From an early age, Khaled took an interest in computer technology. He developed many android apps and websites. In his YouTube channel, he shares tech tips and tricks, also interesting ethical hacking tutorials. In 2015, he became heavily involved in the development of many open-source projects and he started tech blogging under the pseudonym of khaledagn. In 2021 he started a store called Qroozo.[1]


He grew up in Béjaïa, Algeria. Where he was raised by his parents as the youngest kid.


Khaled had an interest in technology from his childhood, he was always obsessed with the idea of programs, because they did almost everything that he can wish them for. He loves making digital arts, Youtube videos, blogging and playing football.