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Kelsey Irvine
Kelsey Irvine at the 2016 Canadian Film Centre 2016 BBQ
Kelsey Irvine at the 2016 Canadian Film Centre 2016 BBQ
Born 1987 (age 32–33)
Nationality Canada
Occupation film producer / film director
Known for produced an Oscar nominated documentary

Kelsey Irvine is a Canadian film producer.[1] In 2016 she was an associate producer of Spectres of the Shoah, a documentary about film director Claude Lanzmann, best known for his 1985 documentary about the Nazi extermination of Jewish people, Shoah.

Irvine and a film crew lead by director/producer Adam Benzine interviewed Lanzmann, for the film, in 2015.[1][2] Lanzmann had not been interviewed since 1985, the year Shoah was completed.


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