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Kelly (Junko in Japan) is a young human woman from the Transformers franchise, most notably the Robots in Disguise continuity.


Robots in Disguise

Animated series

Kelly is a recurring, minor character in the series, whose primary role is as comic relief; she often ends up on the receiving end of some misfortune or other caused by the conflict between the Autobots and the Predacons/Decepticons. She drives a van that is in fact X-Brawn's alternate mode, and has also driven a number of red sports cars that are often mistaken for female Autobots by the amorous Side Burn, whose pursuit of her in vehicle mode is a recurring situation. Kelly also drove the Tanker truck that was scanned by Megatron to give his final kidnapped Protoform a vehicle mode; the resulting Decepticon leader Scourge was thus an amalgam of Megatron, the tanker, Optimus Prime, and Kelly herself; this later gave Scourge the ability to control Fortress Maximus.

Fun Publications

A version of Kelly appeared in an alternate universe in Renegade Rhetoric, where Nemesis Prime-a reprogrammed Optimus Prime-briefly took her hostage before being restored to his former self.