Kabeer Goswami

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Kabeer Goswami
Born September 21, 1985
Seondha, Madhya Pradesh
Nationality Indian
Occupation Productivity consultant, Strategist, Investor and Entrepreneur

Kabeer Goswami, (born September 21, 1985) is an Indian productivity consultant, strategist, investor and entrepreneur and highly known for giving his expertise to uncountable number of businesses and individuals with his versatility in various sectors like blockchain, IT, pharmaceuticals, education, finance and real estate.[1] He is the founder and chairman of BHISM.[2][3][4]


Kabeer completed his schooling despite challenging financial situations and excelled there, as he always had a glare for knowledge and success. Later, he decided to move out for his graduation.[5] He did part-time jobs in order to support his graduation fee and completed his degree from a renowned university in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh in 2005.[6][7]

Early Life

Born in Seondha, Madhya Pradesh, and raised with 2 siblings from a very humble family. According to reports, his mother is a housewife and his father was a government teacher in a primary school.

He worked for many companies initially as an executive in a variety of related fields from 2005 to early 2008 but soon he realised that jobs won’t work for him as he had some other plans for his life. Kabeer decided to take a chance and he moved to Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and got married to his college time love, and then later founded Rozgaar Provider in late 2009.

The company began as an immediate success but as it was not a Disney fairytale movie, Kabeer had to face a fallback after a recession in America in 2010.[8]

Since he was a man with huge ambitions, so instead of breaking apart after a huge loss, he rather took it as a lesson and moved ahead by now making the internet and technology his new weapons. Kabeer realised really soon that technology and the internet are the future of the world and he needs to put his hands down on it.


Kabeer holds a very professional command over the Internet and Techs.

He was always inclined towards charity and society welfare so he started an NGO named HUDECO (Human Development Commission) and it’s still running today with a fully-fledged environment. It was formed to help the needy section of the society and since then his NGO has helped thousands of people and families to live with proper amenities and positions in the society without any discrimination in gender, caste, and creed. His NGO also does the regular campaign to help people and create awareness.

Kabeer is a founder and consultant of BHISM (Bharat Interface to Support MSME), where his organisation promotes and helps budding entrepreneurs and help them with their business idea from scratch to fully functional businesses by providing them with ideas, market research, funds, office space, etc.

Kabeer’s other great venture DOST (Digital Operations Serving Terminal) is a technology-based company that brings Digital Subscriptions, Services, Offers, Memberships & lot more through a single access point to its users. DOST also offers powerful tools to communicate, connect, collaborate & convert. According to the latest interview, Kabeer told that DOST is now planning to move on to a decentralised platform and also launch DOST cryptocurrency and NFT very soon. According to Kabeer, DOST will provide every individual with easy access to a decentralised platform while enhancing the user’s security and keeping transparency.

According to the latest reports, Kabeer is aggressively entering into politics with his great sense of productivity consultation.[9]