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K-9 is a heroic Maximal from the Transformers series who transforms into a German shepherd.

Beast Wars

Fictional biography

Placed in charge of guarding his fellow Maximals from a surprise Predacon attack, K-9 is always alert thanks to his lightning-fast reflexes and ultra-sensitive canine nose. While other Maximals plot defense strategies, K-9 stands guard to survey the surrounding area for signs of Predacon spies. But even if he encounters an entire attack force, he can hold them off with his fast-fire missile launcher until reinforcements arrive. When it comes to combat, K-9's bite is definitely worse than his bark!


  • Beast Wars K-9 (1997, 2022)
A repaint of Wolfang; the mold was also used for Howlinger, Max B, and 2007 Wolfang.

The toy was reissued in 2022.


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