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Junnun Chowdhury-Top SEO Expert In Sylhet
Picture of Junnun Chowdhury
Native name জুন্নুন চৌধুরী
Born 03 March 2003
Sylhet, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Freelancer
Known for Top SEO Expert In Sylhet.
Height 6'7"

Early LIfe

Junnun Chowdhury Is the "Top SEO Expert In Sylhet”[1] He has been working in the SEO Industry of Digital Marketing for the Past 5+ years, and he has worked successfully on more than 250+ SEO Projects. he is currently living in Sylhet, Bangladesh. And He was born and brought up in Sylhet. Specially He is the founder and CEO of Digital it Product Limited,

SEO journey of Junnun Chowdhury

From his childhood, he wanted to do something kind of different. He started working in Digital Marketing when he was 18 years old. Gradually he built himself up as a Top SEO Expert In Sylhet. Since then, His first work journey began as an SEO specialist for a healthcare company in the USA

He is currently working alongside"Fiverr & Upwork" as a skilled SEO specialist with more than three international digital IT companies. And associad with another digital IT company as a senior marketing head. As well as he also controls one two (special) Digital expert teams.

He started his education at Ashar Kandi Government Primary School. And he passed his (SSC) from Chara Jamia Islamia Dakhil Madrasah In Jagannathpur. Currently, he is studying in Hazrat shah Jalal Fazil (Proposed to Kamil) Madrasah in Sylhet.


Junnun Chowdhury, was attracted by Creative Work and Travelling from his childhood. he is also credentialed as a Best SEO Expert In Bangladesh,Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, and Team Leader. but he feels comfortable in his career as an Entrepreneur. He has been Certified are Awarded on Google Digital Garge on 25 September 2021 as a Bangladeshi Best SEO Expert.


He is always certain about his future as a Digital industry professional.

  • Online safe med shop Company[2]
  • Controltechme Supply Company[3]
  • Kabir Hossain[4]
  • Biggan jagat[5]
  • Trusts Agency[6]


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