Joycy Lamnunnem Touthang

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Joycy Lamnunnem Touthang
Born November 13, 1992 (1992-11-13) (age 31)
Shongthu Avenue, Saikul Bazar, Kpi District, Manipur, India
Nationality Indian
Other names Joycy Touthang
Occupation Gospel singer
Known for Gospel songs
Notable works Kikhen Thei Ihi Poi

Joycy Lamnunnem Touthang (born 13 November 1992) is a Kuki (Thadou) gospel singer from Manipur.

Joycy Lamnunnem Touthang made a big splash in the 70 mm Kut stage of Sugnu Lamhang, Manipur, towards the end of 2018. Like any other crooner, she had her USP number in the emotionally worded patriotic song titled “Kikhen Thei Ihipoi.”[1] The song went viral; so much so that she was made to record and vid-shoot the same popular number in Zou[2] and Mizo[3] too. The ‘Nam La’ had upgraded her stocks to dizzy heights of ‘fan-appreciation.’

Early life

Joycy was born and brought up at Shongthu Avenue, Saikul Bazar, Kpi District, Manipur. She’s the daughter of Seikholun and Neija Touthang who together groomed her up to strike a balance between pursuit of an academic career and a profession in singing. Having 13.11.1992 as her d.o.b, Joyce’s hobbies are singing, watching movies and travelling. But now that she had hit big times as an Eimi crooner to reckon with, her travels will be confined to shuttling between shifts from one social event to another.


It’s a trifle unlikely for a singer to pursue higher studies up to Master’s level. But Lamnunnem did exactly that. It’s to her credit that, in the shade of moments, she meant business with studies, when she was not rehearsing for song recording, and got an M.Sc degree in Botany. No wonder most of her videos were shot in sylvan (tree) surrounding. Besides, she completed a B.Ed course and D.el.ed. In her, we have a well-educated vocalist who, fortunately, was not a Ph.D - ‘passed higher secondary with difficulty.’


Joycy made her debut in the world of video albums with ‘Eipui Jing Ka Pakai.’[4] As she had a burden to have the Word of God heard among those who do not follow the dialect she speaks, she composed a song in English titled ‘The Cross.’ This song which was sung with perfect diction in the Queen’s Tongue was a part of her maiden musical venture. An only daughter placed second in the household fold of four siblings, Joycy had always been showered with love and affection by her parents and brothers. It comes across beautifully when, in vid-shoots, she makes faces before the camera. Among other things, Lamnunnem wants to be treated decently in photo shoots.

Lamnunnem recorded and shot many Gospel songs. Prominent among them are ‘Nei Pui Jing Ka Pakai,’ ‘Pakai Gamsem,’[5] ‘Insung Maicham (audio),’[6] and ‘Thil Ijakai Neipa.’[7] It’s a fact that her ‘Nam La,’ Kikhen Thei Ihipoi’ has touched 975 K (9.75 lakh) views on YouTube, perhaps the highest achieved by a song sung in Eipao. Even otherwise, since Joycy made a foray into singing, her track-record in Youtube viewership has been steadily above average. May God bless her and enable her to scale greater heights in her career.



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