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Jose Colmenares
Jose Colmenares' Picture
Native name José Antonio Colmenares Velasco
Born Jose Colmenares
February 18, 1985 (1985-02-18) (age 39)
Caracas, Venezuela
Nationality Venezuelan, American
Education Master of Business Administration
Alma mater Andrés Bello Catholic University
Occupation Entrepreneur
Organization 7M Services, Dimension Marketing
Parents José Antonio Colmenares Barradas (father), Carmen Velasco (mother)

Jose Colmenares also known as José Antonio Colmenares Velasco, is an Entrepreneur, Marketer, and Social Media Expert. [1][2] He specializes in NFT, marketing, investments, life insurance, and finance. He currently lives in Miami, Florida. [3][4][5]

Early life and education

He was born on February 18, 1985, in Caracas, Venezuela to José Antonio Colmenares Barradas and Carmen Velasco. He finished his elementary schooling in his village before relocating to Margarita Island at the age of 15 to graduate high school. He emigrated to Canada in 2002 for roughly two years to study English and French, and at the age of 18, he was able to land a job as a telemarketing representative. Jose Colmenares Velasco has a business administration bachelor's degree from Andrés Bello Catholic University. He speaks French, English, and Spanish proficiently.


When José is 19 years old, he goes back to Venezuela, where he gets the chance to work for a European multinational company that specializes in industrial maintenance equipment. The business stopped operating in 2013, but he was still able to serve as its sales director. José started to commit himself to the networks at that point. He began building content accounts in the same year, employing various tactics he was learning via empirical research, until he emerged as one of the most important network boosters, amassing a total of 14 million followers across all the content accounts he oversees. [6][7] In 2017, he started working with cryptocurrencies, learned about blockchain technology and how their trading market functions, started promoting a trading-focused community, created a signal channel for Criptomonedas, and on December 28 of that same year had the chance to conduct an exclusive interview with John McAfee for the Latincripto channel. [8][9][10]

Co-Founding Ups Future

In order to help members make informed investment decisions, Jose co-founded Ups Future with Javier Romero (also known as Javier Hala Madrid), a club that provides members with access to exclusive information on hot startups, NFTs, and metaverse initiatives. All of this is geared toward the Hispanic market, introducing a bilingual platform to assist in decentralizing a field that is increasingly more English-centric. [11] [12]

Jose discovered after a thorough investigation that there is little to no information available in Spanish concerning possible investment possibilities and engagement in the metaverse, start-ups, and NFTs. This is what distinguishes Ups Future. Jose and his team want to connect with the communities that haven't participated in the exciting blockchain-related market because of a language barrier. [13][14][15][16]

Founding a Webcam Modeling Company

The webcam modeling business was more popular and prosperous than ever in 2013. Jose considered making the most of the chance to profit from it. He was then a resident of Medellin, Colombia. He made the decision to launch a referral webcam modeling system after giving it some thought. In the beginning, he was only concerned with what he believed to be right.

He continued and investigated practically every strip club in Medellin in an effort to make this business model a tremendous success. Jose was certain that his innovation would enable ladies to work safely, from home, and legally in the adult industry. Additionally, he was aware that he might earn substantial referral fees and sign-up commissions that were both entirely lawful.

The idea that ladies might make hundreds of dollars while performing in front of an audience in front of a computer screen wasn't widely accepted at first. Diana, a dancer in one of the city's most well-known strip clubs, was the person he finally found after much searching. Jose gave her a quick explanation of how working 8 hours a day, six days a week, the typical model may easily earn $800 per week.

This webcam modeling system was created with the intention of making money off of the webcam girls' commissions. Depending on the webcam site, he would receive up to 30% of each model's weekly revenue. He earned as little as $500 a week with his first five referrals, which was not too shabby at first. He had over 50 active webcam models by the end of 2015, and they paid him sizable referral commissions. Everything was going well at this point, with the exception of the fact that his lover was very dissatisfied with this venture. Whenever he called the webcam girls over the phone, she hated it.[17][18]

Founding @VenezuelaLucha

He was prepared to try his luck in the social media sector after giving up on this enterprise. He bought pricey websites, Twitter, and Instagram accounts with the money he earned. As soon as he understood how social media functions, he began to promote products for money.

He founded and ran one of Venezuela's most well-liked Instagram news accounts in 2017 (@VenezuelaLucha). He covered and posted about all the Caracas protests from March to September 2017 on this page, but as the situation in the nation worsened, he left.

Founding Music.Doctor

He and his wife immigrated to the United States in 2018. In the interim, he unveiled "Music.Doctor," a brand-new website with the purpose of promoting music on social media. The platform allows upcoming musicians to market their work for a reasonable price. Musicians of many genres may upload their songs on the website and receive open comments from other users.

Non-Profit Activities

He has engaged in a number of commercial endeavors in addition to involvement in charitable groups. He took part in Un Techo Para Mi Pas in 2013, a nonprofit organization in Medellin, Colombia, that seeks out young people to help build homes for the less fortunate. He recorded the rallies and street protests in 2017 from his personal perspective.


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