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John Douglas Steuart
Nationality American
Alma mater UC Berkeley
Golden Gate University
Occupation Venture capitalist and entrepreneur
Title Executive Chairman at CountySportsZone

John Douglas Steuart is a venture capitalist and entrepreneur with an illustrious and varied career. He started off by working odd jobs during his college years, then went on to become a successful salesman and business executive. After honing his skills in the private sector, he eventually transitioned into the world of venture capitalism. He has been involved in many startups over the years, both as an investor and as an adviser with several exits. He also has a wealth of experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions.

Early Years

Mr. Steuart has had a successful financial career, starting at a young age when he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Economics in 1985 from the venerable UC Berkeley. While there, he continually explored unique business ideas and formed many of the concepts that helped him thrive today. For example, he learned the importance of helping those who need it the most and fine-tuning a market to a specific share.

Immediately after, he put all his effort into Golden State University and earned a Master’s Degree In Taxation. Such an accomplishment is rare, but it speaks volumes about the man's work ethic and determination. This education has helped him understand essential tax laws and other financial investments that have impacted him to this day. Shortly after finishing school and writing a well-respected thesis, he wasted no time in getting started in his career.

Growing up, he loved investigating different business opportunities and learning how to start and run a company. When he met his future partner, Michael Karszulyak, they hit it off immediately- both had a drive toward business and a desire to help others. Together they formed their first business, one that helped the two of them expand in different ways and become the substantial financial successes that they were to become later.

Early Businesses

Steuart and Karszulyak started their financial career by forming Savvy Properties together. This company focuses on setting up innovative student housing facilities with the latest technology and amenities. This service focused on students who felt underrepresented in their housing market and provided them with the help that many needed to thrive and succeed in their studies.

Steuart and Karszulyak are graduates of Edinburgh Napier University, where they met and formed their business partnership. They were driven to start this company because of their own personal experiences as students, which showed them that there was a real need for better-quality student housing options.

The success of this company helped John Steuart learn more about running businesses properly. He was a quick learner, and it was clear that what he'd picked up in college was just the beginning of his future projects. The practical elements he learned running this company helped him move on to more student-centered organizations and businesses, which helped expand his portfolio even further.

These businesses included SmartZip and Sociogramics, companies that helped students in different ways. For example, they included innovative payment systems that predated ideas like Paypal and Venmo. Later, Steuart would make an investment that could change his life forever: buying into Alafi Capital Company, a life sciences company where he'd catch his proper big break.

Early Success

After investing in Alafi, John Steuart would serve as the CFO of the company's profitable investment division. From there, he would form a joint venture with A/W Company and Washington University. This venture focused on technological innovations that provided a unique insight into various fields. These new and innovative ideas helped fuel his success even further, propelling him toward an even brighter future.

He is a highly accomplished business executive with over 25 years of experience in the payments and loyalty marketing industries. He has held CEO, COO, and CFO positions at various companies and has also managed the Merges and Acquisitions department, investor relations, operations, marketing, sales, and financial reporting. In his most recent position as CFO and EVP of Strategic Relationship in My-Points United Airlines New Ventures, he was responsible for all aspects of the company's finances, including strategy development, budgeting & forecasting, financial analysis & modeling, risk management, and process improvement.

John Steuart is a business mastermind. He has a natural talent for deal-making, and his skills have helped him create multi-million dollar sales that took his companies to the next level. His growth trends continued to thrive as each company he worked at grew at record-setting rates. They achieved this goal due to his intelligence, business savvy, personal skills, and ability to spot a great deal. He knows what it takes to be successful, and he imparts this knowledge onto those around him.

Later Success

John Steuart has always been a man with a mission - to help others. This led him to co-found Claremont Creek Ventures-Oakland, where he successfully ran the company's healthcare division. This was by far the company's most successful venture, as he helped innovate and create new products that would benefit the consumer. His underlying goal was always to cut costs for those who needed it most. And he is still looking for ways to help people in need.

John Steuart is one of the most successful businessmen in the tech industry. He has created contracts with some of the biggest names in business and helped increase investment by over 20%. He has also invested in various companies over the years to help provide robust and innovative technology products. These include the living tissue implant with electrical transponder market that has helped revolutionize the market and improve healthcare in many fields. It has become one of the most trusted and respected tech companies of its type.

While at CCV, he also helped raise millions in LP funding from blue-chip companies to give it more operating capital. These businesses included Vanderbilt, the University of Michigan, Harvard, and the University of California. His ability to connect with the often challenging blue-chip investors made him a critical part of the company's overall investment policy and its continued growth. He has helped continually push CCV to the top of its market, no matter the product.

He is a man who knows how to get things done. He has a proven track record of success in the business world, with experience in managing innovative and successful companies like AssureRX and Natera. Natera is a company that screens embryos to check for various medical conditions before implanting them. Their revolutionary method is less expensive and more effective than past options, and it has helped them become a primary medical provider across many markets.

He is at the top of his game right now, and it seems like almost everything he touches turns to gold for him. But he doesn't rest on his laurels - he's always looking for new ways to improve and grow. He's an inspiration to all who know him, and we can't wait to see what great things he will achieve in the future!

John Steuart is the founder of AssureRx, a company that revolutionized the industry by helping patients choose medications that fit them specifically. This fascinating idea has become a vanguard in the industry and has helped AssureRX rocket to the top of its market. His hard work paid off when Myriad Genetics purchased his company in 2016 and provided him with a significant payout. Since then, he has remained interested in companies like GeneWeave and other multinational facilities, believing he can still make a difference in a crowded market.


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