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John Denison
John Denison in 1877
John Denison in 1877
Born 1853
Died March 6, 1939(1939-03-06) (aged Template:Age in years)
Alverstock, Portsmouth, England
Nationality Canada
Occupation sailor
Known for Said to be the first Admiral, RN, born in Canada
Children Bertram Denison

John DenisonTemplate:'s great-grandfather, grandfather, father, and five brothers served as army officers, but he served instead in the Royal Navy.[1]

He joined the Navy in 1867, as a midshipman.[1] From 1893 to 1896 he commanded the royal yacht Template:Ship.[2] He was described as the first Canadian to command a fleet.

He served as naval aide de camp to King Edward VII from 1905 to 1906.[2]

He retired in 1909, as a rear admiral.[2]

His son, Bertram Denison, followed him into the Royal Navy, serving as a midshipman during the Boer War.[1] He would later transfer to the Army. He was wounded in the head, and left for dead, leading his men in an attack, during the first battle of World War One.[3]

Denison died in Alverstock, near Portsmouth, England on March 9, 1939.[2]