Joel Yi

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Joel Yi Ponishare-verified.png
Born May 8, 1998
Kuching, Malaysia
Nationality American
Occupation Consultant, Coach

Joel Yi was born on May 8, 1998, in Kuching, Malaysia. He is is a sales specialist that helps companies sell high-ticket items and services by training remote sales teams. Joel uses conversational intelligence, sales systems, and playbooks to assist firms with revenue between $1 million and $10 million to overcome the barriers to establishing a high-performing sales staff. [1]

Early Life and Career

Joel Yi began his career when he was young, took risks, and learned more about sales and leadership in a few years than most people do in a lifetime. He never expected to get so far as an international student in the United States. Joel took a bold decision in 2015, just after graduating from college, that started him on a route to an alternate destiny. That option was to enroll in the Army as a Private First Class, earning him citizenship in the United States. Joel had two Bachelor's degrees and was a commissioned officer (2nd Lieutenant) in the United States Army Reserve in 2018. He was then accepted into Dan Lok's mentoring program. Joel learned the technique of high-ticket sales under Lok's supervision. He gained recognition as a new closer when he used Lok's training to achieve tremendous results. Lok then asked Joel about joining his squad. He was promoted to Assistant Transactions Manager in February 2019 after closing so many sales. Joel was moved to Sales Manager in June of that year, and by October, after generating millions in sales, he was elevated to the highest-ranking position, Director of Sales.


Joel has personally closed over $4.7 million in sales and has created over $30 million in income for his clients since 2018. He has led sales teams of up to 110 people. Over 8,000 salespeople have been taught and mentored by him. He also introduced the High-Ticket Closer Coaching Certification Program as a co-instructor. He was also invited to appear at the Board of Advisors as a sales speaker. He also works at Dragon 100 Advisory Board as a sales trainer. Joel is a US Army veteran who served as an enlisted soldier before becoming a Commissioned Officer.

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