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Photo of Joe Appleton
Born July 07, 1989
Canterbury, United Kingdom
Nationality United Kingdom
Occupation Journalist
Known for Company's Editorial Director

Joe Appleton is a British journalist, and urbanist, who is the Editorial Director for bee smart city GmbH. [1] As the company's Editorial Director, Joe is responsible for curating smart city news, in-depth editorials, and investigating the many topics surrounding all things smart city. [2] [3] His background in the automotive industry has allowed for powerful insights into the future of mobility, but his true passion is focused on citizen engagement, social equity, and highlighting the importance-and success-of bringing citizens into the decision-making processes of local governments. [4]

Before joining bee smart city, Joe worked as a freelance journalist covering tech and mobility trends, writing for publications such as Smart Cities World, The Independent, Tech For Good, and others. [5]


Upon completing his A-levels, Appleton made a surprising decision that set the course for his unique career. Contrary to conventional expectations, he declined university acceptances and opted for a different path, relocating to Asia.

In Asia, he ventured into the world of professional motorcycling, establishing himself as a notable figure in the industry. However, this path was not without its challenges, as Appleton faced a series of motorcycle accidents during his time as a motorcyclist.

Despite the setbacks, Appleton turned his experiences into opportunities. He transitioned into writing, leveraging his expertise in the world of motorcycles to contribute to several prominent motorcycle publications. His insights and knowledge earned him recognition among enthusiasts and professionals alike.

In recent years, Joe Appleton has found a new passion that diverges from his earlier career in motorcycling and writing. He has become deeply interested in urban development and smart mobility. This newfound focus reflects a commitment to exploring innovative solutions for urban challenges, including sustainable transportation, urban planning, and technological advancements that can enhance mobility in cities.

As of 2023, Joe Appleton continues to pursue his interests in urban development and smart mobility, making valuable contributions to these fields through his unique background and experiences. Currently, he works as the Editorial Director for bee smart city GmbH, where he writes, curates, and edits the company's content, including written articles, podcast hosting, and public speaking.

Early Life and Education

Appleton spent his formative years in Faversham, Kent, where he received his primary education at Sheldwich Primary School. Demonstrating academic promise, he successfully passed the Kent tests, a set of examinations for selective secondary education in Kent, which opened the doors to a new chapter in his educational journey. His secondary education led him to Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, where he further honed his academic skills.


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