Janai Safar

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Janai Safar
Nationality Australia

Janai Safar is an Australian woman, who travelled to daesh controlled territory.[1] Daesh, also known as the Islamic State, kept the population under its control under a strict and brutal interpretation of Islamic law. Unlike most refugees from the Daesh regime, she is not pleading for a return to her home country. She is unrepenant, saying she does not want her son to be raised in a land where women walk naked in the streets.

Safar and her cousin Aylam travelled to Daesh, without telling their families their plans, after researching the regime, online.[1] Safar had been a nursing student, prior to leaving Australia.

Safar has been living in a refugee camp since 2017, when she fled the bombardment of Raqqa, then the capital of the Daesh regime.[1]


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