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Jan Minakaze is a human character in the Transformers franchise, more specifically the Transformers: Victory series.


Generation 1

Jan is introduced as the foster son of Autobot commander Star Saber, who rescued Jan after the ship carrying his parents was destroyed by a Decepticon attack. He thus grew up with Star Saber and the Autobots under his command in space, and it was only the Autobots relocation to Earth to deal with the threat of Deathsaurus that led to him returning to his home planet.

Animated series

After spending some time under the watchful eye of Ginrai, Jan was reunited with Star Saber as the Supreme Commander traveled to Earth's solar system to deal with the resurgent threat of Deathsaurus. Due to the Autobots relocating to Earth, Jan was enrolled in an Earth school where he soon made new friends with several children his own age, including a girl named Illumina.


The Victory manga varies from the animated series by introducing a rival to Jan in the form of Solon, a young boy of similar age who was adopted by Deathsaurus, and a sister for Jan named Patty Minakaze. Jan also received armor modeled after Star Saber and shared a friendship with the former Autobot Headmaster Juniors: Shuta Go, Cab, and Minerva.