Jamie Paulin Ramirez

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Jamie Paulin Ramirez
Spouse Ali Charaf Damache

Jamie Paulin-Ramirez is an American convert to Islam who confessed to a role in a plot to murder Lars Vilks, a Swedish artist some Muslims accused of blasphemy.[1][2][3][4]

In 2009 Ramirez traveled to Ireland, at the same time as Colleen LaRose, where she married Ali Charaf Damache, who stands accused of recruiting other individuals to a terrorist cell, that plotted to murder Vilks.[1][2][3] Commentators noted that both Ramirez and Damache were blonde, with blue eyes, and that Damache and his colleagues sought out blonde-haired, blue-eyed converts because, once radicalized, they would find it easy to cross borders without suspicion.[5]

Upon her arrival she married Damache.[1][2][3]

Damache's assassination plans centered around LaRose.[1][2][3] However LaRose is reported to have found Damache much less impressive in person, and to have tried to tip off the FBI herself, thinking they would pay to return her to the USA. LaRose did return to the United States, and openly acknowledged her role in the plot, implicating Damache and Ramirez. Ramizez also openly acknowledged her role in the plot. LaRose received a ten-year sentence, and Ramirez an eight-year sentence.[6][7][8]


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