Ishrat Jahan Tisha

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Ishrat Jahan Tisha

Bangladeshi Singer
Born 1 January, 1998
Gaibandha District
Occupation Bangladeshi Female Singer
Sex Female
Spouse Hasanuzzaman

Mst Ishrat Jahan (born 1 January 1998) in Gaibandha District, also known as Ishrat Jahan Tisha or Tisha, is a Bangladeshi popular female singer. His first song "Jare Pakhi Wira Ja" went viral and got over 30 million views. She is now a popular female vocalist in Bangladesh. She is known for his sweet voice in the music industry.


Ishrat Jahan Tisha started her musical Journey since 2020. Now he is an Bangladeshi popular singer,Song Writer & YouTuber.Her first song "Ja Re Pakhi Uira Ja" has crossed 30 million+ views on YouTube.He can sing beautiful songs without learning music in an institutional way. He was very interested in music since childhood, He started practicing music at an early age.

Early life

Ishrat Jahan was born on 1 January 1998, in Gaibandha District. He was a student at Fulchhari Govt. College.

Marriage and children

Ishrat Jahan Tisha is married With Hasanuzzaman in 16 May,2021.


Year Song Label Ref(s)
2020 "Jare Pakhi Uira Ja" (with Atif Ahmed Niloy) Sristy Multimedia From the album Boka Pakhi [1]
2021 "Valobeshe Toke Ami" Sristy Music From the album Valobeshe Toke Ami [2]
2021 "Tor Apon Thikana" Sristy Music From the album Tor Apon Thikana [3]
2021 "Amar Pakhi Amar Nai" Sristy Music From the album Amar Pakhi Amar Nai [4]
2022 "Beiman Pakhi" Sristy Music From the album Beiman Pakhi [5]
2022 "Amare Obola Paiya" Sristy Music From the album Amare Obola Paiya [6]
2022 "Tor Birohe" HM Music Station From the album Tor Birohe [7]
2022 "Vangla Premer Kosom" Ishrat Jahan Tisha From the album Vangla Premer Kosom [8]
2023 "Korli Re Bodnam" Ishrat Jahan Tisha From the album Korli Re Bodnam [9]


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