Isabella Martinez

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Isabella Martinez
Nationality USA
Known for Principal in a lawsuit against the NXIVM cult

Isabella Martinez is an American citizen who has been described as a victim of senior members of the NXIVM cult.[1] In particular Martinez and Gabriella Leal filed a class-action suit against Sara Bronfman, a wealthy senior member of the cult.

The cult was organized like a multi-level-marketing pyramid scheme.[1] Recruits initially thought they were going to receive business training "equivalent to an MBA".[2] Recruits were asked to show their loyalty by submitting to a period of enslavement, to more senior members of the cult. They were asked to show their loyalty by submitting embarrassing evidence, that would make them vulnerable to blackmail. Recruits could advance to a more senior level by finding more recruits.

On April 19, 2019, HBO announced it would be producing a documentary around the NXIVM group, and the lawsuit against them.[3]


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