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Iguanus is the name of two fictional characters from the Transformers series.

Transformers: Generation 1

Transformers character
Iguanus box
Name Iguanus
Series Transformers
First appearance "Pretender to the Throne", The Transformers #40 by Marvel Comics
Alternate modes Cybertronian motorcycle
Gender Male
Sub-group Pretenders

Fictional biography

Biography: Iguanus is mesmerized by his outer shell. When he's locked within the shell, he stares at himself in reflective surfaces, and when he's in robot mode he can often be found gazing dreamily at it. He's not vain; he's just fascinated by reptiles and his shell's resemblance to them. Iguanus thinks the loathsome and repulsive nature of his reptilian shell is ideal for spreading terror among his enemies. He has even developed a strange personal bond with reptiles of all types, trying to emulate their demeanor and attack tactics. If there were a way for him to bond more fully with his reptilian nature, he would eagerly jump at the chance.

Weapons & abilities: Subject is a Pretender whose powerful outer shell can easily crush whole cars in its claws. the shell's optics contain hypnobeams that can override some targets' willpower and temporarily program them with new directives of Subject's choosing. He is armed with an air blaster that shoots pressurized air with as much force as a hurricane; this weapon is useable in all modes. In vehicle mode, motorcycle wheels have retractable spinning blades that can slice through armor. Subject uses them as a hand-to-hand weapon when inside his shell. His internal mechanisms can generate an equilibrium distorting effect that strikes targets with intense vertigo. Subject is extremely strong, resistant to damage, and skilled as a warrior.

Weaknesses: Subject exhibits no known physical weaknesses, but he is overly protective of his shell and can become enraged if it is damaged.


Marvel Comics

Iguanus and the other Decepticon Pretenders were presumably with the Scorponok's Decepticons through The Transformers: Headmasters series, but were not depicted.

His first appearance was in issue #40 of the US comic in a story called "Pretender to the Throne", where Scorponok created the first six Decepticon Pretenders. [1]

The Decepticon Pretenders Bomb-Burst, Iguanus and Skullgrin were sent to steal from an oil rig in the "Gulf of New Mexico" in the 1989 UK Annual story "The Chain Gang." They were opposed and captured by the Autobot Pretenders Cloudburst, Landmine and Splashdown.

Transformers: Mosaic

Iguanus appeared in the Transformers: Mosaic story "History Repeats" by Franco Villa.[2]

Iguanus appeared in the Transformers: Mosaic story "Butcher of the Bogs" by Optimutt.[3]


  • Hasbro Transformers Pretenders Iguanus (1988)
A new mold. Turns from robot to motorcycle. Comes with rifle, wheels and shell.
  • Hasbro Transformers Legacy Core Iguanus (2022)
A new mold.

Beast Wars

Transformers character
Name Iguanus
Series Beast Wars
Alternate modes Giant Frilled Lizard
Giant Transmetal Frilled Lizard
Function Demolitions
Motto "The shortest path between two Maximal points is a heat seeking missile."
Rank 5 (original)
4.5 (Transmetal 2)
Sub-group Basic Beasts, Deluxe Beasts, Transmetal II

An unrelated character named Iguanus appears in the Beast Wars toy line as a Predacon who transforms into a lizard, appearing in both standard and Transmetal 2 forms.


3H Enterprises

In the Primeval Dawn series by 3H Enterprises Spittor and Iguanus were among the Predacon troops led by Tarantulas. Spittor and Iguanus were upgraded into transmetal 2 form in this series, presumably by Tarantulas. They worked together with Razorclaw and Ravage. Although this series was never finished, it is assumed Spittor survived and joined the Maximals in returning to Cybertron, while Iguanus, Razorclaw and Ravage died.

IDW Publishing

Iguanus was among the troops of Magmatron in the Beast Wars: The Gathering series. He worked alongside fellow Predacons Spittor, Manterror, Transquito and Drill Bit. Before leaving for prehistoric Earth, Iguanus was reformatted into a giant frilled lizard. After Magmatron activated the stasis pods it was Iguanus who discovered the Predacon Retrax. Razorbeast was revealed as a Maximal spy when Maximals started coming out of the pods. Iguanus was put in charge of organizing hunting parties. Later, Iguanus located a blank protoform into which Ravage's spark would be inserted. He accompanied Magmatron and Drill Bit to capture Megatron and send him back to Cybertron (to appease the Tripredacus Council). They succeeded in the capture, but failed to prepare the transwarp shunt. Grimlock intervened and ripped Iguanus apart, although Iguanus survived (as revealed in The Ascending).

Iguanus had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing.[4]


  • Beast Wars Iguanus
Was later recolored into Crazybolt.
  • Transmetal 2 Iguanus (1999)
Was later recolored into Reptilion.

Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass Iguanus is a heroic Predacon, a negative universe version of the Beast Wars character.


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