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Icon Zar Ponishare-verified.png
Nationality Russian
Education Political Science and Economics
Occupation Artst and Entrepreneur

Icon Zar, a visionary artist and entrepreneur born in Moscow, has emerged as a prominent figure in the realms of art, gastronomy, and culture. Raised in a family deeply rooted in the world of journalism, Icon Zar's journey spans continents and disciplines, reflecting her multifaceted talents and unwavering commitment to creativity, philanthropy, and societal well-being.[1]

Early Life and Education

Born in Moscow, Icon Zar's artistic journey was influenced by her family's rich musical heritage and her grandmother's legacy as a recording artist. Despite her early inclination towards opera singing and her training at the Moscow Conservatory, Icon Zar later redirected her passion towards fashion and business. She pursued studies in Rome, Italy, and delved into the intricacies of the fashion world at the Marangoni Institute.[2]

Her academic pursuits extended to Political Science and Economics, earning her a degree that would later contribute to her nuanced understanding of the art world and its intersections with broader societal contexts.[3]

Artistic Career and Entrepreneurship

Icon Zar's foray into the art scene commenced in the early 1990s when she became an integral part of a band that signed with Dreamworks Records, showcasing her diverse artistic talents. Transitioning from music to fashion, she worked as the Managing Director for a couture Italian brand with bases in Venice and New York, solidifying her position in the luxury fashion industry.[4]

Fine Dining with a Hungry Artist

In 2022, Icon Zar pioneered the "Fine Dining with a Hungry Artist" project, an innovative concept merging top-notch cuisine with a fine arts experience. Despite budget constraints, her creative vision transformed limitations into an exciting venture that explores the synergy between culinary excellence and artistic expression.[5]

Philanthropy and Activism

Icon Zar's commitment to philanthropy extends to her involvement with sea charities, including the Palma Aquarium Foundation and Mallorca Preservation, Save the Med. She is an ambassador for the JoyRon Foundation, actively participates in art auctions, and champions environmental causes. Notably, her "Seahorse Movement" aims to protect seahorses, collaborating with Michelin star chefs to create awareness and raise funds.[6]

Artistic Endeavors and Arte Pobre

As a visionary artist, Icon Zar's work transcends conventional boundaries. She is renowned for her "Arte Pobre" series, which includes "Social Cocaine" from property catalogues, "Hidden Roses" from medical masks, "Secret Garden" from used coffee cups, and "Gossip Oysters" from oyster shells. Her commitment to rethinking recycling aligns with her advocacy for social and environmental consciousness.[7]

Artistic and Entrepreneurial Career

As an artist and entrepreneur, Icon Zar's influence spans various domains. She has made significant contributions to charitable initiatives, collaborating with the JoyRon Foundation and actively participating in Art Auctions. Her role as an Ambassador for anti-drugs and a Role Model for young female artists highlights her commitment to empowering others in the artistic community.[8]

Art Agency and Technological Ventures

Icon Zar's art agency serves as a hub for talent hunting, branding, securing investments, art advisory, promotions, and charitable activities. Delving into cutting-edge technology, she explores 3D printing to create intricate sculptures, including Seahorses and more.[9]

Contemporary Art Museum and Focus on Millennials With a forward-looking vision, Icon Zar aims to establish a contemporary art museum, catering to the sensibilities of Millennials. This museum will reflect her commitment to the convergence of art, gastronomy, travel, and environmental care.[10]

Speed Painting Mastery

Icon Zar's fame extends to her remarkable speed painting prowess. Notably, she creates black and white portraits measuring 3x2 meters in astonishingly short time frames. Her subjects include iconic figures like Andy Warhol and Karl Lagerfeld.[11]

In every aspect of her life and career, Icon Zar emerges as a dynamic force, reshaping the landscape of art and entrepreneurship with creativity, compassion, and a commitment to positive change.

Art Concierge and Academic Background

Icon Zar's role as an art concierge involves offering curated experiences that blend art, gastronomy, and culture. Her services include talent hunting, branding for emerging artists, and advising on art projects. With a degree in Political Science and Economics, she brings intellectual rigor to her diverse portfolio.[12]

Legacy and Recognition

Icon Zar's impact on the arts extends beyond her individual accomplishments. As the Ambassador for HMH Art Gallery in Port Andratx, she continues to contribute to the art community. Her efforts to build a contemporary art museum in Mallorca reflect her dedication to fostering cultural growth.

Social Media links

Instagram: @iconzar.art