Ibrahim Hamdan

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Ibrahim Hamdan

Ibrahim Hamdan Jordanian Hacker
Born March 10, 2001 (2001-03-10) (age 21)
Nationality Jordan
Other names ابراهيم حمدان
Occupation Hacker, Cybersecurity Expert, Director
Years active 2015
Known for About Cinema (2019-2021) Documentary, Bekasr Taa (2021)
Notable works Man who hacked actor Kanayo O. Kanayo's IG page set to hit Davido's account Read more: https://www.legit.ng/1406245-man-hacked-actor-kanayo-o-kanayos-ig-page-set-hit-davidos-account.html

Ibrahim Hamdan (Born March 10, 2001) [1] is a Jordanian Cybersecurity Expert and Ethical-Hacker. He is known for About Cinema (2019-2021) documentary and for Bekasr Taa as a Director and a Producer for (Al Jazeera Documentary) [2]

Early life

Hamdan[3] was born in a Muslim family on March 10, 2001 in Irbid, Jordan. His Nickname is silentbram, many of people's is also called by Batman, Hacker Batman[4] many more. but he is widely known as Ibrahim Hamdan as a Hacker and most Dangerous Ethical-Hacker in Jordan[5] by hacking the Nigerian Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo and Nigerian Musician Davido followed by more than 20million of people[6].


After directing his first documentary, he started with his journey and he was a director and part of the production team for a lot of media projects. [7] Journey in young age went he was just 15, with the name of his company (Hamdan Media)[8] Ibrahim Hamdan shared important notes for helping community in social networking risks[9]


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