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https://ictfax.com/, https://ictfax.org/

ICTFax Service Provider Edition is an open-source multi-tenant and white label Fax server software solution for businesses and Internet Voip/Foip service providers and it will enable ITSP's to offer both Outbound/Inbound Online Fax Services to their customers like Efax or myfax[1]. ICTFAX is developed by ICT Innovations. It is based in Multan, Pakistan[2].


ICTFAX is a Foip based software that supports T.38 as well as G.711 pass through,  Extensions / ATA, REST APIs, and Email to Fax, Fax to Email, and Web to Fax and Fax to Web. ICTFAX is built using the free and open-source communications framework ICTCore, Freeswitch, and Angular Framework

ICTFAX can be used to send or receive Fax  through following communications mediums / technologies

Internet /  Web

Users will send or receive  FAXes thought their web portal , Each user will have his own web portal where he will send and receive Fax through internet .  There will be daily or monthly limit set by admin and user will able to send Faxes within his limit.


Users will be to send Faxes through email  as attached in different supported file formats also users will be able to receive incoming Fax through his email address, DID numbers assigned to user will be forwarded to his email address and all incoming Faxes will be forwarded to his email addresses


Users will be able to send / receive Faxes using REST APIs and Users can integrate ICTFax with any third applications using these APIs .

ATA / Extension

Users can also send and receive Faxes using old Fax machine using ATA and extensions .

Fax Broadcasting Software

Users upload their fax documents and list of contact fax numbers into the software and launch a new campaign to send said fax documents to thousands of their contacts/customers. Fax broadcasting software starts sending said fax documents in bulk to Fax machines of these contacts concurrently using Fax over Internet Protocol m. Advanced fax broadcasting software enables users to send mass Faxes to their contacts/customers online without using any Fax machines or hardware.

ICTAgent ReleaseA Chrome extension called ICTAgent will embed a WebRTC-based VoIP phone in the browser. This VoIP phone will be in charge of making and receiving calls, transferring calls, sending DTMF, and sending faxes while it is connected to the main server. It is able to get contacts from arbitrary pages. Through a single application, the agent has access to contents and contacts. Depending on the call's progress, the browser may automatically retrieve the necessary URL. Any waiting time that an agent would experience while looking for the needed data will be eliminated via automatic URL[3].

The user has two alternatives when they click on any number on the website: either they wish to connect with them through Call[4] and Fax

Unified Communications

A business and marketing term known as "unified communications" (UC) refers to the integration of enterprise communication services like instant messaging (chat), presence data, voice (including IP telephony), mobility features (such as extension mobility and single number reach), audio, web, and video conferencing, fixed-mobile convergence (FMC), desktop sharing, data sharing (including web-connected electronic interactive whiteboards), call control, and speech recognition (integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax). UC is a group of products—not necessarily one specific product—that deliver a unified user interface and experience across many devices and media kinds[5].

FoIP Software

By using Internet telephony, FaxVoip Software creates fax transmission options (FOIP). The transfer T.38 fax using SIP and H.323 has received the most attention. Utilizing a COM port interface, the Fax Voip application works with T.38 faxes.

SIP/H.323/ISDN CAPI 2.0 line Fax Voip T38 Fax & Voice - Fax and Answering Machine. a number of SIP registrations. Routing calls. For your voice and fax software, use a voice fax modem. VOIP and ISDN colour faxes. Methods for Incoming Routing. Fax-On-Demand[6].

ICTFAX can be used in the following faxing scenarios

  • Web to fax, Fax to Web or Online Fax
  • Email to fax and fax to email
  • ATA / Extensions to send and receive faxes via Fax machine using internet
  • REST based Fax API’s to integrate with third party applications and automate business process
  • G.711 based Fax Origination / Termination / Gateway
  • T.38 based Fax Origination / Termination
  • PSTN based Fax Origination / Termination / Gateway


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