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Formation 2022
Founder OluShola Emmanuel
Founded at US
Type Profit
Legal status Active
Headquarters 3645 Marketplace Blvd STE 130-451, East point Ga 30344
Region served
Services Ad Campaigns, Traffic & Leads, Multi-Channel Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Targeted Ads, Analytics, Consultation, Search Traffic Social Ad Campaign
Official language
Website i800services

About i800 services

I800Services is an agency that offers comprehensive digital marketing services and campaigns for companies. With their flagship product, search traffic social ad campaigns, it helps them achieve their business goals. It aims at lead capture or lead acquisition, increased retention, and sales. Its founder, Olushola Emmanuel, a musician and marketer, has focused on helping businesses develop and achieve sustained online growth.

Business Description

i800 Services focuses on enabling companies to have greater online visibility and optimize customer acquisition and conversions. To be precise, it offers:

  • Online visibility with data analytics, targeted advertising, and engagement promotion.
  • Customer acquisition through data collection, retention, and use of conversion and repeat purchase strategies tailored to each profile.
  • Conversion optimization, to stimulate user actions and improve UX. It contemplates the application of A/B testing and the creation of more efficient marketing strategies.

Selling on target, that's its physiology, because businesses must focus their efforts on the right targets and apply the right methodologies. Within their product, search traffic social ad campaigns, they provide effective solutions to increase Google web traffic, lead generation, and increase retentions. In other words, leads will stay longer on the website. As a result, the opportunities for the purchase of products or services will increase.


1.Comprehensive Marketing Solutions:

  • Marketing Consultant
  • Advertising And Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing Solutions
  • Marketing Campaigns

2. Strategic Advertising Campaign Management:

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Campaign Management
  • Campaigns Setup
  • Contextual Ads
  • Display Ads

3. Data-Driven Marketing Services:

  • Data Appending Service
  • Data Collection
  • Email Validation Services
  • Targeted Ads
  • Retargeting Services

4. Email Marketing Excellence:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Email Marketing Designs
  • Email Marketing Service
  • Targeted Email

5. Dynamic Media Services:

  • Digital Media Services
  • Media Campaigns
  • Media Services
  • Online Services
  • Promotional Ads


OluShola Emmanuel - Founder and Visionary

Musician and digital marketing expert Shola Emmanuel is the visionary behind i800 services. He has a deep passion for digital marketing and a commitment to excellence, which translates into tangible and quantifiable results for his clients. In other words, their goal is for them to consistently achieve the commercial goals they have set for themselves, such as increasing visits to their websites. Olushola projects the business with a dynamic and comprehensive perspective, which offers a unique value proposition. This means that it works with a multi-channel strategy to achieve long-term, lasting results. With the prospect of i800 digital marketing campaigns, he has managed to position the agency as a competitive leader in the online advertising market.

Shola Emmanuel 01.jpg

i800 services mission and approach

i800 Services is dedicated to helping businesses become more visible and enhance their online presence. This way, they will sell your products or services to the right customers and increase their return on investment. Always based on analysis, accurate data, and creative solutions. Its pillars are the creation of adapted digital strategies, user-centric website design and construction, and the application of integrated marketing. In this sense, the multi-channel approach, search traffic social ad campaigns, is based on the optimization of the user journey and the use of landing pages and optimized websites. Likewise, it is based on increasing organic traffic through SEO techniques and the creation of optimized content. The plan includes social media campaigns and paid advertising, which promote conversions. In other words, the aim is for a user to perform a certain action, such as making a purchase or subscribing to a newsletter. They have clear CTAs, aimed at achieving qualified leads.

Search Traffic Social Ad Campaign

This product is the core of the agency and is based on an updated and novel perspective of digital marketing. Selling by objectives is what digital marketing essentials are all about. Each company has very specific characteristics and its strategies must be based on those particular needs. With this in mind, the Search Traffic Social Ad Campaign includes a complete package of solutions to boost every business. This, is regardless of whether it is a large or small company or a self-employed professional. It includes a series of services such as SEO search engine optimization, and optimized and responsive web or landing page designs. As well as the creation of a UX adapted to the target audience to which it is aimed. Linked strategies include content marketing, high-quality link building, paid advertising, email marketing, social media management, SMS messaging, WhatsApp, and more. It also offers support and maintenance of the designed sites, and advertising emails with A/B testing, among other solutions. Another advantage is the ability to have multi channel marketing campaigns on Dropbox. Which is great when you want to plan, host, fix, send, and automate campaigns from one place. In this way, the work is optimized both in networks, email and in paid ads. With the Dropbox service, you can access up to 8 hours of constant marketing, for a period of up to 28 days. I800 services also offers free 30-minute consultation with highly trained experts.

Achievements of i800 services

When a potential client searches for web design near me, they are very likely to find i800 services. Under the management of Olushola Emmanuel, this full service digital marketing agency offers a value proposition that stands out. For this reason, it continues to position itself in the U.S. market as a benchmark, thanks to the positive results achieved by its customers. He has been able to optimize the organic traffic of multiple companies and increase their conversions in spans of up to 28 days.


According to its founder and director, Olushola Emmanuel, the great goal of this agency is to provide clients with greater possibilities to position themselves within their market. Achieving a greater online presence, reputation, and becoming a benchmark among your competition. Under his management, i800 services has become the preferred digital marketing agency for construction companies, design, contractors, professionals, among many other niches and commercial sectors. Not losing more customers and increasing revenue, this is one of the great premises that every business has. I800 services works with them to devise strategic solutions that allow them to achieve this by using concise data for better decision-making. Boost, visibility, engagement, successful management, ROI maximization, brand recognition, segmentation, retention, loyalty, Seo near me; These are words that characterize this agency. As businesses strive to position themselves in the online universe, i800 services works to be a trusted partner, providing solutions that help propel them to success.

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