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Hoe-Down is an original fictional character from The Transformers RPG by James Kerr. He is an Autobot Gunner who turns into a tractor.

Character sheet

"Good things come from the ground!" - Hoe-Down
Name: Hoe-Down Allegiance: Autobot Sub-group: None Function: Gunner
Primary color: Red Secondary color: black Re-rolls: 1 Player: James Kerr
  • HP: 18
  • Energon: 15
  • Bio: Hoe-Down loves earth and agriculture. His happiest moment is when he gets a 4th cut of hay. It is only with great reluctance he fights this terrible war!


Universal Actions Function Actions Robot Mode, Size 4, Move 4 +1d Gain Tractor Mode, Size 4, Move 4/3 +1d Gain
Strength Demolition 9 +1d Melee 10 +1d Demolitions, +1d push/pull/lift
Intelligence Teamwork 7 7
Speed Support 7 +1d Support 4
Endurance Defense 6 9
Rank Transform 3 3
Courage Trooper 10 10
Firepower Assault 4 1
Skill Accuracy 5 3
Abilities -Brawn
-Sensor, Tracking
-Terrain Support
-Off Road


Weapon Damage Structure Range Charges Notes
Missiles, Ground-to-Air 2D6 vs. HP +blast Attached Long 2 Shoulder-sides, +1 success
Pistol, Photon 1D6 vs. Energon Held Short Unlimited Bright lights dazzle opponents
Sword, Energo 2D6 vs. HP +burn Held Melee Unlimited Kirby Dots

Technology and character notes

  • Brawn: In Robot.Mode +1d Strength, specifically when unarmed, and increased unarmed damage to 1d6.
  • Sensor, Tracking: In Robot.Mode +2d Surveillance, specifically to pick up on the enemy’s trail, footprints, data signatures and clues in Short Range.
  • Terrain Support: In Robot.Mode +1d Support, specifically in Ground Support.
  • Off Road: In Vehicle.Mode move 2 squares while on jagged, uneven surfaces or through rough terrain, forest or brush.
  • Wheels: In Vehicle.Mode move 4 squares while on flat road-like surfaces.


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