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High Tide is a character from the Transformers franchise first introduced in Transformers: Rescue Bots.


Aligned Continuity

High Tide is an unusual Autobot in that his vehicle mode, that of a submersible, is aquatic, and that he is the sole component of the head of a much larger robot and is thus known as a Brainmaster. His ability to combine with his sea-going ship as part of a larger robot is reminiscent of Headmasters Fortress Maximus and Scorponok, but his bulky appearance and head shape in this form also resemble Generation 1 Omega Supreme.

Animated series

High Tide first appears at his old comrade Optimus Prime's invitation to help train a team of Rescue Bots stationed in Griffin Rock for water rescues; he also hoped that their experience with humans would rub off on the somewhat cantankerous High Tide and help mellow him out. The process proved effective as High Tide formed an unlikely bond with Cody Burns and came to grudgingly respect Heatwave, who initially resented High Tide's heavy-handed teaching methods. The team soon worked together to stop a major oil spill, after which High Tide allowed Doc Greene to utilize his ship as an aquatic lab for a time while also entrusting the Rescue Bots with his Cybertronian canine, Servo. He would prove an invaluable ally, helping the team defeat Dr. Thaddeus Morocco in their final engagement with him and later teaming up with Optimus, Salvage, and Blurr to help save the citizens of Griffin Rock after the island was teleported.

High Tide was later mentioned in season 4 after Cody suggested that Optimus may have assigned Quickshadow to work with the team hoping for similar results to their previous work with High Tide. High Tide later appeared physically in "AllSpark Day," where his celebration of the titular holiday inadvertently caused tidal waves that swamped Mayor Luskey's yacht. He was soon approached by the Rescue Bots and asked to relocate; High Tide mentioned that doing cannonballs was his way of celebrating in lieu of being able to reminisce with old friends on Cybertron at Maccadam's Old Oil House. The Rescue Bots were soon forced to call upon him to deal with an enlarged Cece Greene, whom High Tide rocked to sleep while sharing the story of "The Destruction of the Hammer of Primus," which surprisingly proved effective. He then joined the citizens of Griffin Rock in celebrating AllSpark Day, sharing his accounts with the island's other citizens.