Heer & Ranjha (2021)

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Heer & Ranjha (2021)  
Author(s) Tayyab Mahmood Sheikh
Original title Heer Ranjha
Country Pakistan
Language English
Genre(s) Romance / Love
Publisher Mahmood & Sons
Pages 25

Heer & Ranjha 2021 Updated was written by Tayyab Mahmood Sheikh. It contains the love of two lovers Heer & Ranjha

Highlights From Story

Here is the beautiful village girl that was from Jhang Sial & Ranjha was a Teenager Boy From a Village he works in the farm and serves milk using his buffaloes. Heer's father wants to marry her in a wealthy family but heer wasn't because they love each other deeply At Last in the story they both died with the saddest love story


Heer & Ranjha 2021 (IMDb) was a landmark movie by Tayyab Mahmood Sheikh It has also other versions like 1932, 1956, 1970 & 2016


It has no soundtracks because it was only a book.

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