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The Hate Plague is a plot element in the Transformers series, a disease that causes those infected by it to become consumed with hatred for others and that seems to affect all life in the Transformers universe.


Generation 1

Animated series

The Hate Plague first appeared in the third season finale of The Transformers, where it was discovered by human scientists after they recovered the body of Optimus Prime. After an attack by Decepticons resulted in one of the scientists becoming injured, the other two-one of whom had already suffered scarring at the hands of the Decepticons-unleashed the plague in an effort to take revenge and destroy all the Transformers. Unfortunately, the plague affected humans as well and began spreading uncontrollably, turning Autobots, Decepticons, and humans alike against each other in mindless rage. A handful of Autobots yet to be affected managed to recover Optimus' body and, with the help of the only scientist not to be embittered against them, managed to revive him with help from one of the Quintessons.

Optimus was able to recover an alloy stolen by the Decepticons and coat himself with it, granting him immunity from the Hate Plague and enabling him to recover the Matrix of Leadership from Rodimus Prime. Upon conferring with the ancient leaders within, he learned that the plague had previously afflicted the galaxy and could only be defeated with wisdom. Optimus thus sacrificed the most readily available supply-the Matrix itself-in order to halt the plague and free all those affected from its grip. Centuries later, a similar affliction was unleashed upon the Maximals by Megatron, but fortunately they were able to overcome it through their own means.

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