Hasan Almajidy

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Hasan Almajidy Ponishare-verified.png
Born 1996-01-08
Nationality IRAQ
Occupation IRAQ, Musician,youtuber
Height 1.85 m

Hasan Almajidy is an Iraqi Musical Artist from Baghdad, born in 1996. Founder of Almajidy Art Production is a famous music writer, producer, artist and composer in Iraq and an Iraqi businessman who is one of the early contributors to the development of music production, digital marketer, digital music distributor, graphic designer and photographer


Hasan Almajidy is considered one of the most influential music artists in Iraq. He is one of the first developers in music production, melody, and writing music in a better form. He also won the award for the best musical artist. He is under Islamic tus and under Shiite rituals. He is the initiator about the story of the martyrdom of the Imam, peace be upon him. He is a contributor to supporting artists. In those artistic rituals, as well as the digital distributor of music, it is popular in Arabic music



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