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Harden Property
Trading name Harden Property
Harden Prestige
CityCoast Real Estate
Type Private
Industry Real Estate
Founder(s) Alex Harden
Felicity Harden
Area served Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and surrounds.
Key people Alex Harden, Co-Founder, Owner & Principal
Felicity Harden, Co-Founder & Owner
Employees 2 + Subcontractors Australia-wide
Website https://www.hardenproperty.com/

Harden Property is a private Australian real estate agent company founded in 2018 by Alex Harden and Felicity Harden. Based in Brisbane, Queensland, it is an independently owned and operated agency which primarily focuses on property sales and property management across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and the surrounds.[1]


Harden Property was founded in 2018 by husband and wife real estate team, Alex Harden and Felicity Harden, in Brisbane, Queensland. Originally the company was registered as CityCoast Real Estate as the company transacted from Brisbane City to the Gold Coast, but they decided to change the business brand name to Harden Property and represent it as their real estate agency.[2] In 2020, Harden Property partnered with eXp Australia in order to streamline its sales operations and also teamed up with Lululiv to be able to provide industry-leading property management services. Continued growth then saw the addition of Harden Prestige to the Harden Property brand.[3]