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Hana Khan Carries On is the sophomore novel of Toronto writer Uzma Jalaluddin. It is scheduled for release in April 2021. Like her 2019 debut, Ayesha at last, it is said to be a romantic comedy drawn from Toronto's muslim community.

Observer's praised the way Jalaluddin cleverly borrowed elements from Jane Austen works, particularly her Pride and Prejudice. They told readers familiar with those works they would enjoy recognizing how Jalaluddin adapted those elements for a different time and different culture.

Observers who have been allowed a preview have written they see similarities between Hana Khan Carries On and the central premise of the popular movie You've Got Mail, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. You've got Mail was itself an adaptation of two ealier movies, that had starred Gary Cooper and Jimmy Stewart. The element these earlier works shared was that love developed between anonymous pen-pals, who thought they had never met in real life, without realizing they did know one another in real life, and couldn't stand one another.