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Industry Cryptocurrency
Founder(s) Unknown
Services Cryptocurrency
Website coinhamster.io


Hamster Coin, also known as a Hamster is a decentralized meme token and the first crypto coin built on BSC network [1] [2]. The coin presents an alternative to more established cryptos such as Ethereum. US Congressman Brad Sherman once joked, “Bitcoin could be replaced by Ether, which could be replaced by Doge, which could be displaced by HamsterCoin.” As a result of Brad’s Joke, the coins value shot from $0.000000014 to $0.000000026 [3] Hamster coin has a Total Supply of 10,000,000,000,000,000 [4]. However, the coins are unlocked periodically. 50% of the supply is burned for Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter while the other 50 % is burned for other owners. [5]


Unknown creators or creators formed 'Ham in early 2021 with a vision of creating financial freedom and lowering the effects of market fluctuations for the Hamster community[6]. The token was then released to the market in June 2021. The token has been trading for about less than 1-millionth of a cent in the entire period. Currently, the coin is trading for 0.000000022. However, the trend has not diminished the sense of hope for Hamster Coin to rival most of the established cryptocurrencies. Since it was established, the Hamster Coin has not rebranded and has continued to register remarkable progress. Other than the Twitter CEO, Hamster has also caught the attention of Tesla CEO, Elon Musk who joined the Ham party by tweeting, "Hamster has mad skills!! [7]


  • LBank Exchange listed the Hamster coin on December 22, 2021. [8]
  • CoinGecko] [9]
  • CoinMarketCap
  • Crypto.com [10]
  • CoinMarketCap [11]


Some critics argue that the Hamster Coin is only there to benefit the relatively wealthy players in the system. The early investors of the Hamster Coin receive a considerably huge share of the rewards accruing from the cryptocurrency. As such, critics fear that relatively small and new investors bear most of the weight in enabling big players to profit. [12]


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