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Transformers character
Beast Wars II God Neptune box
First appearance

Beast Wars II episode 19, "The Space Pirate Seacons!"
Created by

Voiced by

Kazuhiko Nishimatsu
Release number

Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Robotic turtle

Seacon Commander

"Gimme everything you’ve got or I’ll gut you like a fish."

Coelagon, Scylla, Sea Phantom and Terrormander

Beast Wars II

Seacon Space Pirates
Tech specs

ST10 IN10 SP01 EN10

RN09 CO10 FB10 SK10

Halfshell is a fictional character from the Transformers series introduced in 1998. He was a reoccuring villain in the Beast Wars II series.

Beast Wars II

Halfshell is the captain of the Seacon Space Pirates. He is a merciless foe in combat and is very protective of his crew. He combines with his fellow Seacons to form God Neptune.[1]

Animated series

Halfshell in Beast Wars II

The Seacons appeared in episode 21 of Beast Wars II.

The Seacons were featured in episode 22, "Megastorm's Reconing" where Halfshell had a talk with Megastorm. He later fought Scuba. This is one of the few episodes where he was depicted in robot mode outside the combining stock sequences.

The Seacons appeared in episode 23, "Showdown in the Sea."

The Seacons appeared in episode 25, "The Final Battle."

The Seacons appeared in episode 29, "The Artificial Planet Nemesis."

The Seacons appeared in episode 40, "Revenge of the Space Pirates." In this episode God Neptune fought Magnaboss and Leo Prime. God Neptune was winning the battle until the other Maximals joined in the fight and held him down as Magnaboss fired on him, knocking him apart into the individual Seacons.

The Seacon Space Pirates appeared in Beast Wars II movie "Lio Convoy Crisis". In this episode the Seacons fought the Jointron Brothers.



The Seacons appeared in the Beast Wars II manga issue 4, in a story called "Realize the Forbidden Love!"

IDW Publishing

The opening sequence of Beast Wars: The Ascending features Magmatron, trapped in a temporal limbo, watching a fight between Dirgegun, Saberback, Killerpunch, Guiledart and Halfshell just before the planet Cybertron is destroyed by Shokaract and Unicron.

Halfshell had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing.[2]


Halfshell toy in robot mode
  • Beast Wars II D-21 God Neptune (1998)
Halfshell is a recolor of the Generation 1 Deception Snaptrap. He was packaged together with his 4 fellow Seacon Space Pirates.
The Halfshell toy stands 17 centimeters tall in robot mode and the character is supposed to stand 4 meters tall. This makes the toy about 1/24 scale.
This toy was later recolored into Universe Snaptrap. This toy was repurposed into Snaptrap.
  • Reprolabels Beast Wars II God Neptune (2007)
A set of replacement labels for the Beast Wars II Seacons.[3]


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