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Hair Folli
Industry Hair care
Area served Worldwide

Hair Folli is an Australian hair growth and hair loss control brand.[1] It was founded by Trung Vien.[2][3]

In 2021, the turn over of the company would be more than $5 million.[4]


Hair Folli formula

The formula of the Folli serum is created by Australian scientists and contains natural botanical extracts for the purpose of hair regrowth and maintenance. It enhances the environment and helps follicles grow.

The serum of Folli is made of superfoods which include Licorice root extract, Nigella Sativa seed extract, Piper Nigrum seed extract and Panax Ginseng Berry extract.[5] Further, they are made from reharvested Byron Bay water so it has minimal impact on the environment.

Another important ingredient in Folli is Kakadu Plum which is known for its antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties and is in use as an indigenous food and medicine for over a millennia.[6] Kakadu Plum is also rich in Vitamin C and is five times more potent than blueberries in antioxidants.[7]

Hair Folli is a vasodilator which means that it improves blood flow to the hairs without artificial chemicals.[8]