Habibur Rahman

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Habibur Rahman
Native name হাবিবুর রহমান
Born 2001/09/22
Chandpur, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Textile Engineering
Occupation Musical Artist

MD Nil Mia Sarder (Father)

Nasima Begum (Mother)

Habibur Rahman is a Bangladeshi Textile Engineer, Musical Artist, and Freelancer. He has started Freelancing at the young age of 18, he learned Textile Engineering from Dhaka Polytechnic Institute. He is currently working as a Textile Engineer in a Garments company in Narayanganj, Bangladesh. [1]


Habibur Rahman was born in Chandpur on 11 September 2001. His father's name is MD Nil Mia Sarder and his mother's name is Nasima Begum. Habibur Rahman's father is a Businessman in Chandpur.[2]


Habibur Rahman completed his Textile Engineering from Dhaka Polytechnic Institute.[3]