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" Draikon X...No, '''I've''' surpassed the limits of mankind and become the true and ULTIMATE MACHINE!"-Daizo Adachi before using Draikon X
The '''MSR-X-00 Gundam Draikon X''' is a recurring mobile suit from one of my upcoming Wattpad fanfics, ''Taikon Z: The Fighting Robot''. Regarded as the "ultimate Gundam", it is the "brother unit" of [[Taikon Z/Haruko Akabane|Taikon Z]] appears at several moments during the fanfic, piloted by Machiko Adachi or her colleagues, and is often upgraded after being destroyed by Haruko. During the climax of the fanfic, Draikon X was piloted by both Kumiko and her father, Daizo Adachi. It was finally destroyed when Haruko rammed it with Taikon Z.
At first, Draikon X looked nearly identical to Taikon Z, except that it was mostly black and yellow. Another difference is that its v-fin was much larger. Later, it was upgraded. Its head was replaced by a human-like one modelled after Kumiko's and it was given a pair of bat-like wings.

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