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Groundpounder is a name applied to several Transformers characters.


Generation 1

The first Groundpounder was an Autobot Micromaster and member of the Construction Patrol.


Aligned Continuity

The second Groundpounder is an Ape-like Decepticon from the Robots in Disguise animated series.

Animated series

A gladiator and former champion of Kaon, Groundpounder was imprisoned aboard the Alchemor with his Mini-Con manager Headlock after he was caught cheating and went on a rampage. After escaping on Earth, he set out to reestablish himself as a champion and quickly became involved in a demolition derby-like event. His activities soon drew the attention of Bumblebee's team of Autobots, and Grimlock was called upon to face Groundpounder in the ring, where he won after a tough battle. Groundpounder was later freed by Steeljaw and recruited to join his Decepticon forces, which led to a rematch with Grimlock. However, Grimlock and his teammates succeeded in defeating Groundpounder despite his wide array of powerful combat techniques; Groundpounder also had an Excavator alternate mode.

Groundpounder was voiced by John DiMaggio.


  • Legion Groundbuster (2016)
For unknown reasons, Groundpounder's figure was called Groundbuster.