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'''Greg Robin''' ('''Gregory Robin''') is the founder of [[Random Walk Financial]].
'''Greg Robin''' ('''Gregory Robin''') is the founder of [[Random Walk Financial]].<ref>[http://ranwalk.com/ Random Walk Financial official website]</ref><ref>[http://ranwalk.com/greg-robin/ Founder Greg Robin]</ref>

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Greg Robin

Greg Robin (Consumer Trends talk)
Born Gregory Robin
United States
Nationality American
Occupation Founder of Random Walk Financial

Greg Robin (Gregory Robin) is the founder of Random Walk Financial.[1][2]


Robin has a graduate degree in Computer Science with a focus in Distributed Systems.


Prior to Random, Mr. Robin consulted for more than a dozen publicly traded companies on Search Engine Optimization. He previously was licensed with the Research Analyst Series 86, 87 General Securities Principal, Series 24 and Options Principal Series 4 during which he designed derivatives strategies for leading long/short funds.

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