Good Morning, Cybertron!

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Good Morning, Cybertron!
Good Morning, Cybertron logo
Hosted by Blunghole (Scott), Holsson, rave1X (Xavier), Neoshade123 (Chayse), MaxRossLinden (Max), MegaTfman (Mega)
Genre Collecting
Updates Weekly
Provider YouTube

Good Morning, Cybertron! is a podcast and YouTube show focusing on the Transformers toys and fiction.


Good Morning, Cybertron! is a podcast targeted at adult Transformers collectors. It includes segments on the latest Transformers news and the latest finds and purchases of the show hosts as well as answering listener questions.


Good Morning, Cybertron! is hosted by Blunghole, the Tapeworm of Unicron. Contrary to statements in episode #176, Blunghole is not Retro Robot Radio. Also joining Blunghole on a somewhat rotational weekly basis are Rave1X, Max, Holsson, Neoshade123 and MegaTfman. The first three cast members were Blunghole, Doctor_What and islipcocoliso with rave1X joining later with the addition of Neoshade123 several months later with Max joining shortly after in 2012. Sometime between episode 100 to 200 due to personal issues islipcocoliso and Doctor_What left the podcast but still stay active with the GMC community and are friends with the rest of the cast.


After being guests of the show for several weeks Greg for Mercy, T2rx6, and BobbySkullface joined the show as somewhat permanent members until Skullface left due to a falling out with some of the original members with Greg leaving at some point before episode 200 along with T2rx6 leaving not long after that. These three along with a former guest of the show would form Shattered Cast Uncut shortly before Greg and T2rx6's departure. Good Morning, Cybertron has never been mentioned on Shattered Cast Uncut despite being a spin-off possibly due to negative feelings the cast members feel towards "some" of the GMC Crew.


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