Gigi Kohler

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Gigi kohler
Residence Raised in Connecticut
Nationality Bulgarian
Education CES school
Occupation Singing and song writing
Years active 2 years 2021
Known for Singing in song writing
Notable works NBC
Net worth 15 million
Height 5' 2"
Awards NA

Gigi Kohler is a Singer and Lyrics Writer.Gigi is an adopted Bulgarian child

Early Life

Gigi Kohler's fame and popularity of a special need program depend upon its work. Gigi Kohler has struggled too hard to achieve such huge success in the form of AOK. She also associated many celebrities with her to make her project known to the people. Blues Clues, Zach Callison, and Grace Rolek of Steven Universe are prominent names associated with Gigi Kohler. It is one of the most important reasons that AO.she was adopted At three From Bulgaria.Gigi Kohler Started a group in 2019 that is volunteer only. She helps people with special needs while being on the spectrum herselfShe would go out and sing and dance at Local concerts People loved her, One day Walked into a big hot 97 event I  New York she was discovered , She has met tons of celebrities grace rolek, zack callison Deborah from Stephen King Jennifer twomney 


Gigi is an adopted Bulgarian child. She has been through programs that haven't treated her fairly. One day she decided that everyone should be treated equally. Therefore, she set up her own group to help people


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