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The below content is licensed according to Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License contrary to the public domain logo at the foot of the page. It originally appeared on The original article might still be accessible here. You may be able to find a list of the article's previous contributors on the talk page. is a satirical dating website for ghosts.[1] It was created by Randy Tayler in 2009.[2][3] It has been used as entertainment for internet users.[4]

Creation is the product of Randy Tayler, a programmer and writer.[2] Created in 2009, he made this website as a joke to make fun of the culture surrounding dating websites. Tayler is quoted saying "All ghosts need love too".[5]

Website is a completely free dating website used to talk to computers acting as ghost or others pretending to be ghosts as well.


The layout of is one not unlike a regular dating website. The layout is a blue background with a block of white giving options to join, "chat now" with other ghosts, or search through the profiles of those on the site[6].


The website facetiously states a strict policy that is for ghosts only. It claims that the "undead or living dead" are not allowed, including zombies or vampires. It also states in its Terms of Use that isn't responsible for any exorcisms or being captured by the Ghostbusters.


As one enters the website to join, it only allows ghosts or ghouls of the age '18-1000+".[7] Upon choosing to create an account, it will as questions regarding how users died (horribly, tragically, mysteriously, suddenly) and users' ghostly form (wispy, airy, ethereal, smoky, cloudy, flesh).[7] After joining, users are free to look at the profiles of other ghosts and join a chatroom with them. However, after a certain amount of time, the chatroom ghosts will find out the user is mortal. The user's screen will be filled with ghostly faces and screams, and then will be kicked off of the chat.[8]

Reception received national attention from multiple news outlets, such as[9], Huffington Post, and Buzzfeed[10]. The website Gizmodo claims that "the internet is over" after the creation of because "there isn't much else to do"[11].


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