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The George Askew was a tugboat built and operated by the radium line.[1] Her launch date is unknown, and her final disposition is unknown.


  1. "Status Report for the Historic Northern Transportation Route redacted colour". Atomic Energy of Canada: p. 86. December 2005. https://www.andra.fr/dvd_radium/pdfs/Status%20Report%20for%20the%20Historic%20Northern%20Transportation%20Route%20redacted%20colour.pdf#page=88. Retrieved 2018-01-13. "Ships were used along the NTR to move barges loaded with uranium ore and concentrates (among other materials and supplies). Some vessels also transported cargo on board. Fifteen Radium Series vessels used along the NTR were identified in SENES (1994). Three were ddetermined to have been scrapped, and the disposition of one, the Radium Cruiser, was unknown. Radiological investigations were conducted on the other eleven vessels. Only one, the Radium Gilbert, showed any evidence of contamination."