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Gamma Innovation Ltd Ponishare-verified.png

Gamma Innovation Ltd Ponishare-verified.png
Trading name Gamma Innovation Ltd
Native name Gamma Innovation Ltd
Type Private Limited Company
Industry IT / ISP & CATV (Cable Television)
Genre Company
Founded 22 September 2022 in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Founder(s) Abul Fazal Mohammad Eunus
Headquarters Purana Paltan Dhaka, Bangladesh
Number of locations 1
Area served Bangladesh
Key people Abul Fazal Mohammad Eunus (Managing Director)
Products Subscriber Management Software, Point of Sales (POS) with ERP, School Management System, Web Application Development.
Services Multi services
Revenue 35 Lac BDT (2022)
Owner(s) Abul Fazal Mohammad Eunus
Employees 11

Company Overview

Founded in 2022, Gamma Innovation Limited is a Bangladesh-based company that specializes in the design, development, manufacture of all kind Software and CATV, IPTV & FTTH ISP products. The company offers a wide range of CATV, IPTV & FTTH ISP products, Gamma Innovation Limited also provides Subscriber Management software services to its clients.

Gamma Innovation Limited is committed to providing high-quality CATV, IPTV & FTTH ISP Products and solutions that are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. The company has a team of experienced engineers and technicians who are dedicated to providing the best possible products and services to their clients. Gamma Innovation Limited has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that is equipped with the latest technology and equipment.

The company's products are certified by international organizations such as the European Union (CE), the United States (UL), and Canada (CSA). Gamma Innovation Limited's products are also compliant with the RoHS directive.

Gamma Innovation Limited offers a five-year warranty on its products. The company's products are reputedly used in more than 50 districts across Bangladesh..


Gamma Innovation Limited is a technology company specializing in designing and developing HD Set Top Box with crypto guard CAS. The company's first product was Subscriber Management Software(SMS). The company gain a reputation for designing and developing of high-quality SMS for CATV providers. Today, Gamma Innovation Limited offers a wide range of high-end Subscriber Management Software. which is containing feature in the list bellow

  • Multi CAS Function
  • Multiple CAS use
  • STB and SMC Lock/Unlock
  • Sending Mail and
  • LCO-wise Box filtering
  • Two/Three Layer LCO/Feeder
  • Unlimited Subscriber Add
  • Complete Managed Dashboard
  • Customer List Customer Due Management
  • Invoice History Management
  • Complete Daily Monthly and Yearly Report
  • Mobile Apps
  • Chat Option
  • Payment Method (Nagad / bKash Mobile Banking)

Products and Services Offered

Gamma Innovation Limited is a privately held company that provides software products and services. It was founded in 2006 by two entrepreneurs, Michael Cerda and David Karp. The company is headquartered in New York City.

Gamma Innovation offers software products and services that help businesses and organizations to be more efficient and effective. Their products and services include:

1. Business Process Automation: Gamma Innovation's business process automation software helps businesses to automate their workflows and processes. This helps to improve efficiency and productivity, and to reduce costs.

2. Customer Relationship Management: Gamma Innovation's customer relationship management software helps businesses to manage their customer relationships more effectively. This helps to improve customer satisfaction and to increase sales and revenues.

3. Enterprise Resource Planning: Gamma Innovation's enterprise resource planning software helps businesses to manage their resources more effectively. This helps to improve efficiency and to reduce costs.

Products List

SL NO Type of Product Specification
1 UTP Patch Cord UTP Patch Cord-1M
UTP Patch Cord-2M
UTP Patch Cord-3M
UTP Patch Cord-5M
2 FC Adaptor Large D Type
Square Type
3 LC Adaptor Duplex (LC Type)
4 SC Adaptor Simplex, Plastic
Simplex, Metalic
5 ST Adaptor Simplex
6 Hybrid Adaptor ST-SC
7 Pigtail FC SM 1.5 Mtr on 900 um cable
LC SM 1.5 Mtr on 900 um cable
SC SM 1.5 Mtr on 900 um cable
FC MM 1.5 Mtr on 900 um cable
LC MM 1.5 Mtr on 900 um cable
SC MM 1.5 Mtr on 900 um cable
8 Wall Mount ODF 6 Port (Local)
12 Port (Local)
24 Port (Local)
48 Port (Local)
12 Port (China)
24 Port (China)
48 Port (China)
9 Rack Mount Patch Panel 6 Port (Local)
12 Port (Local)
24 Port (Local)
48 Port (Local)
12 Port (China)
24 Port (China)
48 Port (China)
10 Rack Mount ODF 24 Port (China)
48 Port (China)
72 Port (China)
96 Port (China)
144 Port (China)
11 Sleeve Protection Sleeve (60mm)
Protection Sleeve (40mm)
12 Joint Closure 24 Fiber Underground Type
48 Fiber Underground Type
144 Fiber Underground Type
13 Attenuator LC 3 dB Male to Female
LC 5 dB Male to Female
LC 10 dB Male to Female
SC 5 dB Male to Female
FC 5 dB Male to Female
10/100 Mbps SM SF 25 Km
10/100 Mbps SM SF 20 Km, LLF
14 Media Converter 10/100 M Manageable Media Converter, Single mode fiber TX1310nm/RX1550nm & TX1550nm/RX1310nm 20 Km, SC Connecter
10/100 M Manageable Media Converter, Single mode fiber TX1310nm/RX1550nm & TX1550nm/RX1310nm 40 Km, SC Connecter
16 MC Chassis 14 sloted dual power supply rack, 220V AC.
17 Protocole Converter E 1 to Ethernet, -48 Volt DC
E 1 to Ethernet, 220 Volt AC
4E 1 to 4 Ethernet with AC & DC Power Supply
8E 1 to 4 Ethernet with AC & DC Power Supply
8E 1 to Fiber (SM single fiber 20 Km) with AC & DC Power Supply
E 1 to Ethernet 100 base FX (Single fiber) with sm SF, AC & DC Power Supply
18 Splice Machine Accessories Battery Pack 62S
Clever: Model ST3110 B
1000 Base ONU, Sngle Port
1:2 Stilled tube or ABS Box no Connecter
1:4 Stilled tube or ABS Box no Connecter
1:8 Stilled tube or ABS Box no Connecter
1:16 Stilled tube or ABS Box no Connecter
20 Patch Cord Patch Cord- SC/FC/LC/ST/-SC/FC/LC/ST SM Simplex 1 Mtr on LSZH 2mm Cable
Patch Cord- SC/FC/LC/ST/-SC/FC/LC/ST SM Simplex 2 Mtr on LSZH 2mm Cable
Patch Cord- SC/FC/LC/ST/-SC/FC/LC/ST SM Simplex 3 Mtr on LSZH 2mm Cable
Patch Cord- SC/FC/LC/ST/-SC/FC/LC/ST SM Simplex 5 Mtr on LSZH 2mm Cable
Patch Cord- SC/FC/LC/ST/-SC/FC/LC/ST SM Simplex 10 Mtr on LSZH 2mm Cable
Patch Cord- SC/FC/LC/ST/-SC/FC/LC/ST SM Simplex 20 Mtr on LSZH 2mm Cable
Patch Cord- SC/FC/LC/ST/-SC/FC/LC/ST MM Simplex 5 Mtr on LSZH 2mm Cable
Patch Cord- SC/FC/LC/ST/-SC/FC/LC/ST SM Simplex 10 Mtr on LSZH 2mm Cable
Patch Cord- SC/FC/LC/ST/-SC/FC/LC/ST SM Simplex 20 Mtr on LSZH 2mm Cable
Patch Cord- SC/FC/LC/ST/-SC/FC/LC/ST MM Simplex 5 Mtr
Patch Cord- SC/FC/LC/ST/-SC/FC/LC/ST SM Simplex 10 Mtr
Patch Cord- SC/FC/LC/ST/-SC/FC/LC/ST SM Simplex 20 Mtr
21 Rack 6 U wall mount rack
9 U wall mount rack
12 U wall mount rack
15 U wall mount rack
22 U wall mount rack
32 U wall mount rack
4 Feet open rack
7 Feet open rack
22 Power Meter FPM-300, Origin- Canada, Made in China
23 VFL Visual Fault Locator 20mW, Senter/ China brand
24 OTDR Max-715B, Dynamic Range 29/27 dB Exfo, Made Canada
25 OTDR Battery Battery Max 710B
26 Splice Machine Battery Battery for Fujikura 62S splice Machine
Battery for Sumitomo Z2C splice Machine
Battery for China splice Machine
27 Cleaver CT-30, Fujikura 80S splice machine
ST-3110C China Cleaver
28 Blade Blade for Fujikura machine
Blade for Sumitomo machine
Blade for China machine
29 Eleactrode Eleactrode for Fujikura machine
Eleactrode for Sumitomo machine
Eleactrode for China (X-97) machine
Eleactrode for Jilong machine
30 Splice Machine Fujikura FSM-80S Splice machine
X-97, Origin China Splice machine
Somitomo Z2C Splice machine
Fiber Fox Splice machine

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Why Choose Gamma Innovation Limited?

We are a team of experts with a passion for technology and a commitment to excellence.

We have a proven track record of delivering quality products and services to our clients.

We offer a wide range of services that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.

What is CATV ?

Community Antenna Television, or CATV, is a system that sends television content to users via a single antenna as opposed to individual antennas. When CATV systems were initially launched in the 1940s, they quickly gained popularity as the best way to provide television to rural areas. In many nations, CATV systems play a significant role in the telecommunications infrastructure and are currently employed to deliver both analog and digital television signals.

Instead of using individual antennas, the CATV (Community Antenna Television) system sends television signals to subscribers via a single antenna. It is also referred to as cable TV.

In 1948, Pennsylvania installed the first CATV system. A single antenna was utilized by the system to service a 1,200-person town. A tower of 1,000 feet (300 meters) high held the antenna.

Analog CATV systems were the first. Electrical signals are used to transfer analog signals. When the signal moves from the antenna to the subscriber, its quality degrades.

Coaxial cables are used in CATV systems to transmit the signal from the antenna to the subscribers. As the signal travels across the network, it gets amplified.

A headend is also used by CATV systems. The facility where the antenna's signal is received, processed, and disseminated to the subscribers is known as the headend.

Subscribers of CATV systems may also receive telephone and Internet access.

CATV is no longer a recognized term. Instead, the phrase "cable television" is used.

What is FTTH ?

Are you looking for an (FTTH) service that offers dependable speeds, gorgeous music, and clear pictures? If so, fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connectivity might be the ideal answer. For Bangladeshis looking for continuous high-speed (Cable Television) access with exceptional reliability, FTTH is gradually gaining popularity. This article will define FTTH, describe how it operates, and discuss why it would be the best option for your cable TV network requirements.

In the 21-first century, technology is developing quickly, giving us additional ways to remain in touch. FTTH, or fibre to the home, is one of the most recent technologies that has had a significant impact on our lives. We are all aware of how fibre optics have transformed long-distance data transmission speeds and telecommunications networks, but what precisely is FTTH? What is the process like and how will it help Bangladesh? To help you better grasp the potential of FTTH for bringing dependable connectivity to your home or place of business in Bangladesh.

It can be challenging to identify the ideal method for offering broadband services to your clients if you own a local cable TV company in Bangladesh. With the availability of several technologies like fibre-to-the-home (FTTH), it is crucial that you comprehend what FTTH is and how it provides an effective and dependable access platform to supply internet service. Broadband is becoming more and more significant worldwide. In this post, we'll look at FTTH technology, its characteristics and advantages, as well as the difficulties in providing this service in Bangladesh. You will be well on your way to successfully implementing this solution within your own network once you have this information in hand!

What is set-top box ?

In the era of streaming, a set-top box is growing in popularity. With the help of your broadband service or directly from a satellite dish, it performs as a potent multimedia device for the transmission of audio and video material. It's crucial to keep up with the most recent developments in set-top box technology as it continues to develop and be used. While choosing a set-top box solution, being aware of the installation and maintenance services that various merchants provide will help you make an informed choice. After all, sluggish buffering times or poor image and audio quality are the things that degrade a video experience the most. By keeping in mind these suggestions, you'll be able to appreciate the collection of digital material that comes with a set-top box and make sure you're getting the most out of the purchase you make.

What is the difference between a set-top box and cable box?

The kind of service you want to receive will ultimately determine whether you choose a set-top box or a cable box. If your primary objective is to watch live TV from cable channels and use an on-demand library, a cable box might be required. In contrast, a set-top box is probably a better choice if you want to stream media from streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube TV. Determining which gadget will best satisfy your entertainment demands requires an awareness of the distinctions between these two products and how they can better meet your viewing needs.

What is IPTV?

IPTV, otherwise known as Internet Protocol Television, is a modern and innovative technology that has transformed the conventional process of broadcasting television programs. By using the internet and broadband connections, IPTV delivers television content directly to viewers, providing a dynamic and immersive experience. This fascinating technological advancement enables users to browse through countless channels, explore different genres, and even subscribe to their favourite programs with ease, all without the hindrance of traditional cable or satellite constraints. The varied content and responsive interface make IPTV an appealing choice for those seeking a more personalized and flexible viewing experience. With the integration of this cutting-edge technology, we have witnessed a major shift in the entertainment industry's landscape, fueling the desire for greater diversity and novel discoveries.

In summary, IPTV is an ever-evolving technology that has a lot of advantages to offer its end users. It has the capability to allow streaming from multiple sources, both free and paid, giving viewers access to a larger range of content than other traditional methods can provide. People can either purchase packages for a variety of channels or simply view IPTV for free on select services and apps. Moreover, the quality of the stream depends on the network connection, allowing users to always have an uninterrupted viewing experience. With great power comes great responsibility; it's important to remember that some content may be subject to copyright restrictions when watching IPTV. So if you're considering browsing through what IPTV can offer, make sure you choose an option that adheres to local regulations and respects third-party rights. Take your time to explore all the options available and find an IPTV service that best meets your needs. Get started today, and discover the world of streaming with IPTV!

How does an IPTV work?

Dive into the fascinating world of IPTV, where television content is no longer delivered through traditional broadcast methods but rather steered through the power of the internet. The seamless technology behind IPTV works by converting television signals into a digital format and then streaming it over IP networks. This versatile approach allows you to access live TV, and on-demand content, and even record your favourite shows with a simple click of a button. The user-friendly navigation system is empowered by an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) which enables you to effortlessly browse through channels and choose from a wide array of genres. With IPTV, unleash the true potential of your television viewing experience by customizing your playlist and watching content from all around the globe, all from the convenience of your own living room.

Can I watch IPTV for free?

A universe of content is accessible to users through the streaming service known as IPTV or Internet Protocol Television. It provides high-quality streamed media, including live TV shows, series, movies, and more, directly to your device. Many people are asking: Can I watch IPTV for free? despite the fact that the IPTV experience can be expensive due to yearly subscription fees and harsh viewership restrictions. While it is feasible to access some content using free accounts and trials, dependable access to entire content libraries frequently necessitates purchase. But with so many providers offering superior packages at affordable rates, getting unlimited IPTV is surprisingly affordable.