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Gaea in robot mode

Gaea is a fictional character in the Transformers series.

Transformers: Generation 1


In ancient times, the Thirteen predicted that Gaea would one day be needed to combat some threat, and she agreed to be hidden as the core of Earth.

When Ultra Magnus used the power of the Terminus Blade to destroy the universe of Primax 207.0 Epsilon, Earth was the only thing to survive, having been brought into Magnus's home dimension, along with the entire population, both human and Cybertronian. It remained there when Nexus Prime strengthened the boundaries of the multiverse, which brought a benevolent Unicron and evil Primus into being for the first time.

Upon the dark Primus's transformation into his robot mode and subsequent attack on the displaced Earth, in an attempt to eradicate his former children, the Rarified Energon located in the planet reacted, and was revealed to contain the lifeforce of another planet transformer, equal in power to both Unicron and the attacking Primus. Transporting the population of humans to another dimension's Earth, she transformed to her robot mode and fought Primus, defeating him. Reformatting her alternate mode into a new Cybertron, she transformed back, giving a new home to the joint forces of the heroic Decepticons and Autobots.


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