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| birth_date = 18 SEPTEMBER, 2003

| birth_place = DHAKA, BANGLADESH

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| height = 5'9"

| nationality = Bangladeshi

| religion = Muslim

| marital status= Pure Single & Virgin

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MD ABID HASAN is currently living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He was born and brought up in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. He is a moderator at Dhanmondi Media, a full service digital media. He wanted to become a computer engineer since childhood. At age 13, he learned Word, Excel and Microsoft. Since then he does all the computer work. [1]
  1. Early life

    MD Abid Hasan was bought a computer in 2014. He used to work on computers little by little since childhood. His brothers were his first teachers in life. Learning some computer skills from his brother, in 2016 he learned Word, Excel, Microsoft. This is how his life work began.


    He started his education at Dhaka Pre Laboratory School. After he passed Secondary (SSC) from Dhaka Pre Laboratory School, he was admitted to Mohammadpur Kendriya University & College to complete his HSC.

    MY Business Site is a Global Decentralized Community and the first fully autonomous networking platform in history with immediate reward distribution built on smart contracts of Ethereum, Tron, and Smart Chain blockchains, which makes it fully decentralized, transparent, secure and unstoppable.

    FORSAGE is open to everyone in the world, easy to join and doesn’t require anything but a laptop or a smartphone with an internet connection. The platform allows members to activate and upgrade matrix plans in order to invite partners via the personal link and earn rewards in ETH, TRX, BUSD cryptocurrencies.

    Rewards from the partners are transferred immediately to the personal wallet so there are no timeouts or withdrawal periods. There are no limits on the amount of rewards earned by a single member either, the results depend solely on the activity of the member.


    FORSAGE is the first-ever fully decentralized marketing mechanism that runs on the Ethereum, Tron, Smart Chain blockchains smart-contracts, so it is absolutely fail-proof, can not be shut down or stopped by anyone or altered in any way, since there is no central authority controlling it. The smart contract is a self-executing algorithm that was once designed and deployed by a group of crypto enthusiasts and can not be changed or closed, all thanks to the power of blockchain technology. Additionally, with decentralization comes full transparency as all the transactions are public and can be viewed online via blockchain explorer.


    There are no humans or admin in FORSAGE. It is different from all other platforms since all the interactions are processed on the blockchain by the smart contract, and can not be altered or stopped by anyone, even by creators. A new member just needs to invite one person to recoup the initial membership expense. FORSAGE works on the basis of a smart contract. All transfers go straight to members’ personal wallets, without any hidden commissions and without using any third-party resources. This guarantees that every reward earned fully belongs to the person, and it can be used as soon as it arrives in the wallet.


    The way FORSAGE works is similar, but not equal to a referral program and a partner cycling and reward distribution program, where partners have vertical alignment on the basis of referral connections that record who is a higher or lower partner, i.e. who invited whom. And on top of that, there are 2 matrix plans with upgrades for higher rewards that can be developed horizontally. Basically, the rewards go from lower partners to higher in the structures, but there are some interesting mechanics that allow overtakes and spillovers, aka gifts from your non-direct partners.


    This article briefly describes what FORSAGE is about and how it works. Here is a summary of the most important ideas from this article to remember:

    1. FORSAGE is the first Global Decentralized Community in history built on Ethereum/Tron/Busd blockchain smart contract, so it is transparent, secure, and unstoppable.

    2. FORSAGE allows its members to invite new partners via the personal link and earn 100% partner rewards in ETH/TRX/BUSD.

    3. FORSAGE smart-contract doesn’t store any funds itself, it only transfers the rewards within the partner structures.

    4. Rewards from partners in FORSAGE are credited immediately straight to personal wallets without any timeouts or waiting lists.

    5. There is no limit on the amount of rewards earned. The results depend only on the activity of the members themselves.