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Developer(s) Pixel Paddock
Operating system Web-based
Type Resource scheduling
License Proprietary
Website float.com

Float, is a SaaS solution for team scheduling, workload management, and resource scheduling. It is designed by New York-based company Pixel Paddock.


The company was founded in 2012 by its CEO Glenn Rogers, CTO Lars Gelfan and co-founder Yaron Schoen. The key features of the software include live schedule updates from both administrators and team members, schedule editing, recurring task management, one-off scheduling, custom sorting, searching and saving of task lists, milestone trackers, task-dependency creation, data reporting and API and Zapier integration.[1]

The software offers the tools needed to share data with existing project management, as well as possessing time tracking and finance applications. Within the client, administrators are able to set up project tasks, collaborate on project plans and to resolve conflicts with the software’s real-time drag and drop scheduling tools. Each of their employees is tagged with their skill set, making for streamlined assignment, and built-in reports give a view of the team’s current utilization, as well as their utilization over the coming days, weeks or months, and their utilization in the past. Float also gives operators access to built-in email notifications and the ability to send out weekly schedules to team members and schedule updates via their inbox, certain apps, or their calendars. Since its launch in 2012, over five million tasks have been scheduled using the Float, and it is used by companies such as NASA, Vice, Buzzfeed, R/GA, Ableton and Postlight.[2]


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